TRP - All Hands

..."Now that I'm feeling assured,you'd better watch your every move".... Memorial Day - Monday,30 May 1983 - 0445hours: Deb-Bi sashayed into the Playhouse testing the elasticity of a Florescent Green tube-top and my Self Control with the scandalous amount of Black Beaver Pelt her scandalously-cut faded Denim 'Daisy Dukes' were designed to display. Cassie McCumber had a bit of fun when Deb attempted to wave-off our Smoochie-Time Ritual,roughhousing her to 'Assume the Position' against the wall for a frisky Strip-Search which the Naughty Doctor impishly parleyed into an invitation for more hands to join in..She'd been through a stressful Shift at the Hospital and had a critical overload of steam to vent. My usual Jogging Companions,Peg & I were the only hands available in the Playhouse. "I'm switching to Sexercise",Dana chuckled while kicking her running shoes off,"Show of hands"? Her Motion carried Unanimously,though there was more initial motion towards the Biscuits & Gravy than the curvaceous,Spread-Eagled Brunette pleading to be pawed. "Got just the Movie"!,Peg punched my bicep,then pointed at the VCR,"Finger The Fraulein". Nodding briskly,"A'right",I scooped her off the stool,deposited her on the Sofa,found & inserted the Tape and clapped my hands,"Bringen Zee Fraulein Hier"!,then wrung them out like a Miser,"Ve haf Many vays of makink you cum". Deb-Bi was sporting a Devilish smile as she leaned out from Cassie's wrist-gripping escort to whisper,"I Love you". I issued her a wee peck on the lips,"I love you,Hun",then put the pinch on her nipples,pulling & kneading her spongy breasts like taffy,"But I'm afraid that'll have to wait awhile". "Don't be afraid",she gasped as Peg helped herself to taste a deeply-dipped finger of her juices,"I plan to be nice-and-tender before I turn that Love-light on"..... (Currently Listening To : Toto : Toto)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature