TRP - '..this Lap of our Marathon..'

"When a pretty girl sits on your lap for an Hour,it seems like a Minute. When you sit on a hot stove for a Minute,it seems like an Hour; THAT is Relativity". ~~ Albert Einstein .... Peg was puzzled by my swift return,but it didn't take much explaining for her get the picture that the Polizei themselves led the long list of Witnesses targeted by Frederick's blatant Hate-Crime and I was not among them. Her curiosity satisfied on that count,Peg reverted to satisfying her intimate curiosities concerned with resuming our Inchworming Marathon. Putting a finer point on it; Peg had never imagined being,"..hooked-up for so long..",and was dearly digging the mellow blending of Romance into our Slow & Sleazy Sexcapades. Both of us were Naughty-by-Nature,which supported the 'Sleaze Factor' with little effort,but Peg's ultimate aim for this Lap of our Marathon was to explore the Loving excitement blooming between us. Her kisses made that abundantly clear,amorously playful,soulful and zealously maintaining our Loving Lip-Lock while Peg arranged us in a 'Twisted Spoon' to satisfy our best fit of me against her fine behind,flat-shouldered upper torso allowing her to haul me over & around into a tightly-weaved embrace..Which Peg immediately amended to shrug & elbow her way free from my right arm,then guided my hand to a gentle kneading of her left breast. 'Titty Triggered' to muffling whiny mewls in my mouth,Peg's hips pitched & rolled in spastic rushes,near-misses increasing her passionate enthusiasm to complete a hands-free coupling until the rushes passed and calmer squiggles led to intoxicating sighs as her insatiable pooter sheathed the boney at the most spine-tingling of Inchworming paces yet to be displayed..... (Currently Listening To : Kraftwerk : Trans-Europe Express)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature