The Rake's Progress - "..shame the Devil.."

The Alan Parsons Project : Lucifer : playz.... Peg & I were grabbing-ass in the Shower after Chores when the cracks of 3 gunshots swiftly preceded sounds of a pitched gunfight. I deposited Peg on the bed and was hustling into my shorts when the intercom crackled to life,a Red light indicating Jan's voice was coming from the guy's A-Frame,"Woof,the Polizei just shot Fredericks". I scampered over to the box and pressed 'Talk',"Report". "Fredericks stepped out of a Car with a .45 in his hand and started shooting..The Polizei returned fire and dropped him right where he stood". "Was anybody else hit"? "Nope. From the sound of his insane babbling I believe he's too drunk to shoot straight". "Thank God",I sighed heavily,"I'll be there in a Minute". "Who's Fredericks"?,Peg quizzed. "Former C.O. of Gibelstadt's ADA Battery". "oh..Those Fuckwads",she grumbled angrily,"What the fuck is wrong with them"? "Shitty Leadership,No Discipline,No Morals and a Gang Mentality",I returned while bending to tie my Converses,"I'll be back as soon as I can,Hun". // After listening to him venting a nasty spate of Racist Bullshit aimed at me,'The Powers' & Whites in-general,I squatted beside Fredericks,"I know you're not going to believe anything I have to say. This is Major Emily Warren. I've been Training her to Command the 187th ATC Company. She's witnessed everything that's transpired since the Motorcycle Races. It'll do your Cause a world of good to pay attention to what she has to say". "What do You know about My People's Cause"?,Fredericks spat caustically. "I know that Violence isn't the way to advance it. And I know that what you and your Troops don't know makes you Dumb-as-Dirt. The choice is yours; Listen to the Major and Learn..Or Don't and continue to move in-Reverse..I've done all I can to clear my conscience". "Who gives a damn about your conscience"!? Smirking,"I do",I stood and turned it over to Emily,"Tell the truth and shame the Devil inside that Asshole"...... (Currently Watching On DVD : Hotel Transylvania 2)
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