TRP - "It's fair to say.." / "Frikken Hippies".

..."Another Suburban Family Morning".... During our rolling return to the Playhouse Peg inquired,"So,you collect stray Women"? "Birds of a feather",I clipped the phrase prior to expanding on it,"What you just saw with Gitte and her Friend is how it usually works; Every girl in-need knows at least one other girl whose needs are greater than their own". "What's a cutie like Gitte need"? "Gitte needed to move her Trains out of her Father's Den". 'Snyrx'!,"That's not even close to what I was expectin' to hear..You doin' that kid"? "Just once for a little lick and tickle. It's fair to say she's 'Curious Yellow'". Peg turned to squint up at me,"What's it 'Fair' to say 'bout me"? "Marathon Cootchie-Fart Champion". 'SNYRX'!,"S'OK!..Reckon I earned it"! // Deb-Bi had completed Nap-Time and was readying to split for her 1600-0400 Shift at the Hospital when I carried Peg into the Love Nest. Pausing at the verge of plucking a Large Brownie from the Basket of munchies Peg was toting Deb inquired,"Are these Loaded"?,in a leery voice. "Just with Nuts",Peg chuckled,"The littler ones under 'em are Spiked". Facetiously chiding,"Frikken Hippies",Deb snatched 2 from the top,issued each of us a peck on the cheek and skipped away,chirping,"Don't go crazy". Before she left I quizzed,"What do you want me to fix for Breakfast,Hun"? Deb leaned on the open door,"I haven't had Biscuits and Sausage Gravy in ages". "Good-to-Go. Anything else"? "Nope",she shot us a wink,"Just you Two",locked us in and rumbled down the stairs. I whispered to Peg,"Toss your Penny in the Wishing Well". She sprouted a lecherous grin,"Grits..As in; Eat Mine,Bubba"..... (Currently Listening To : Blue Oyster Cult : Agents Of Fortune) 
Topics: Incredastory, Mature