TRP - 'X's Mark The Spots / "..Who's in my bed"?

Pablo Cruise : El Verano : playz....  We came up for air to munch some Lunch and watch the Deutsches Museum Crew hoist-out the ME-262. The Tribe & our Guests weren't the only the only ones in the Audience; Word had spread through Karl,leading to about 50 Locals Picnicking outside the Taped Cordon. Among them were a pair of Farmers from Darstadt who'd been among the folks that used the wreckage to help fill a Bomb Crater. Walter was pumping them for information on the location of other Landfills when I strolled into the scene serving up a cheerful,"Wie Gehts"?(What Goes?) "Ah"!,Walter tapped the Map spread on the hood of his Mercedes,"They tell me these two the places where more Military Relics are buried. What part here is your lands"? I plucked the pen from his fingers and dotted outlines around the Quarry and Annexed Fields,containing 7 of more than 30 'X's on that Map,"I'd like a small Souvenir from each Site in-return for my Permission to Dig". "Ja,OK",Walter agreed to my terms without delay,"All is good". // I rolled Peg back to the Grill to score another round of Burgers. Something about watching that smoke rise keyed me onto how to get an Airplane Kite to Fly right,so the next stop we rolled to was the Hobby Haven. Gitte spun her stool around when we did a 'Wheelie' through the door,"Ummm..There's someone in your bed". I shrugged it off,"I'm not using it. Gitte,I'd like you to meet Peg..Peg,Gitte's our Resident Miniature Railroad Tycoon",then left them to pull a Roasting-Pot out from under the Kitchen Cabinet,filled it about 1/3 with Tap water and centered it over the two smaller burners to boil,"Where's Andrew"? "Off buying some Messerschmitt Jets". "Good. There's at least a couple more buried out there. We can make Bookend Dioramas". "Really"? "Really...Who's in my bed"? "Oh",Gitte turned to deposit her paintbrush in the thinner,screwed the cap on the bottle of paint,stirred the brush around and generally stalled until she could frame a response,"A School Friend named Sofia. Her Father beat her from the House because she is going to have a Baby. My Poppa brought her here". "Tell her she can stay as long as she needs to..Upstairs,with you". Gitte bounced off the stool and skipped over to put a Serious lean on me,"Sofia blames Baby on Coach of Schwimmbad Gymnasium Team. Her Poppa says she Lies". "Does the Coach have a Bad Reputation"? "The Coach has a very Good Reputation for winning Trophies,but some other girls say also he is a Pervert". "Can you find some of those other girls"? Gitte made a Cartoonish face chewing on her bottom lip,eyes flitting about while the contemplating gears meshed in her noggin,"Two..Maybe Three"? I draped a pair of Meter-long X 3mm(>1/8th inch) wooden dowels across the steaming pot,"Invite them over for Supper Tuesday". "OK..What are you doing"? "I know why my other Airplane Kites were unstable". Gitte waited an impatient few toe-tapping seconds while I folded-out the Pegboard,"Ja,and"? "I'm moving the Propeller to the tail". "How does that work with Steamed Wood"? "Arcs are strong",I swung my finger along the Jig I'd just formed on the Pegboard,"I'm going to connect two of them under tension to form the wing so I can do without the weight of internal structure". "Sounds like a plan to me",Peg pitched-in,"A Pinwheel might work better'n a prop,though"? "Good Call,Hun"!,I lauded,"I was wondering how much wind it would take to spin a Two-bladed Prop fast enough to provide stability"..... (Currently Watching On DVD : John Carter)
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