TRP - 'Bridging the reality-gap' ~ four

..."And I thank the Lord there's people out there like you".... I love listening to Women talking among themselves. You can learn a lot if you pay attention and don't ask the kind of stupid questions guys are notorious for spouting. Case-in-point: By-way-of paying me a compliment,Peg revealed that she tended to rough herself up when the mood required Toying her A-Hole. Deb-Bi had never taken Toys there herself,though she admitted that her Ex-Girlfriend had ventured a few 'Anal Stretches' that she'd enjoyed immensely,but dared not ask for More. She didn't hesitate to ask me for More,even before Peg & I had finished; More of the Inchworming Marathon..More 'Double Dipping' switches Fore-and-Aft..More Creamy Kisses..More intimate involvement advancing our Threesome towards something approaching,"..Commitment". Peg was first to jump on that Propositional Grenade,going feverish inside prior to the external manifestation of a Roseate Blush that spread from her cheeks to cleavage as she croaked-out a request for a Cottage that She & Deb could share. I readily agreed,laying down a somewhat selfish provision to declare that Cottage 'Our Private Retreat'..Reserved for the Three of us and No One Else. Deb-Bi chuckled a notation that she hadn't accepted Peg's invitation yet; Yet,as things currently stood she approved of everything we'd forwarded contingent upon our implementation of the Remaining Three Wishes for 'More' she'd aired-out to open the negotiations. // The swiftest of Deb's remaining Wishes to come true was for sharing More Creamy Kisses,fulfilled a few gawking seconds after Peg's dismount to shift atop me in '69' left a Pearly puddle glistening on my lap. Face-diving into Happy Valley to claim my share of our slowly-churned Creampie raised a festively expressive squeak from Peg,"Best First Date EV-ERRR"!,followed by a bevy of schlurps & semi-muted lip-smacking 'Yumms'. I was dearly digging the scene. Our concerted slow-motion movements towards Commitment contained a plethora of Intimately Romantic Notions that served to balance the Freaky/Kinky/Quirky activities we were,"..Engaged with". The girls were hip to that Pillow-Talking Pun the instant it passed my lips,Deb seizing the initiative to slip my Wedding Ring off,then onto her thumb for a nodding appraisal before directing Peg to claim my Diamond Earring..... (Currently Listening To : Rush : Chronicles - Disc 2)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature