TRP - 'Bridging the reality-gap' ~ three

..."The things I used to do with One I do with Two".... Statuesque Deb and Tomboy Peg(Band Name!) shared a physical attribute; The shape of their Breasts bore concave tops and Very full bottoms.(See: 1/6 on Accompanying Chart.) Peg's 34C's were dense,firm and capped with upward pointing Pencil Erasers set in Coppery Areolae framed by last year's fading Tan Line. Deb's 38DD's were hefty,spongy,tipped with forward aiming thumb-thick nipples centered on Dark Chocolate 'Silver Dollars' inside much sharper & fashionably scantier Tan Lines than Peg's and were more-or-less constantly swaying under the effects of Gravity & Inertia. Hair-Trigger Tenderness was a Neurological condition their Breasts also shared,granting Peg thrills galore when the stack of pillows she was draped over began to settle and become denser under our weight. That slow & steady process of 'Mushing-Flat' against the firming base struck many resonant chords with the soft & sleazy passions Deb-Bi & I were amorously stoking. It was action the likes of which Peg had never seen on Video,or imagined; Unhurried..Gentle..Constantly Delivered..Drenching. // The Good Doctor became concerned with the latter state. Fearing infection,she called a halt to inspect her Patient's wound,evoking a wheedling,whiny babble of,'Don't Stop' pleas that Deb-Bi based her compromise upon when she helped me raise Peg up on her knees to continue our Inchworming Sodomy in a Vertical plane. While impishly shifting my grip from supporting Peg's lift to kneading her resilient Sweater Puppies,Deb-Bi issued her passionately articulate instructions that placed Peg's pelvis on a slow swivel so she could examine her Stitches in motion. Conveying a plethora of Welcome News as she administered a protective coating of Vaseline over Peg's 'Zipper',Deb-Bi then leaned-in to collect her Doctor's Fee of frisky tongue while lingering long to polish her Patient's tummy to a glossy sheen. Deb greeted Peg's playful 'Titty Twister' with a feral mewl as the Voluptuous Brunette shuffled forward to leverage her dark,downy Beaver against the Tomboy's trim left thigh for a slippery slide that Peg swiftly adjusted to accommodate her own placidly squiggled grind on the ball of Deb's folded knee..... (Currently Listening To : REO Speedwagon : A Decade Of Rock'n'Roll - 1970-1980)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature