TRP - 'Bridging the reality-gap' ~ two

..."Shine on,you crazy Diamond"....  The braided Ponytails enhanced Peg's 'Girl Next Door' charm. Her potty mind & mouth were operating contrary to that rather demure vision,spouting Porn-Queen banter guaranteeing the quality ride her,"..A-Hole..",was eagerly awaiting to provide. Deb-Bi,on the other hand,looked like Pure Sex on the prowl,yet kept her flirtations low-key..Patient pertaining to herself,but keenly anticipating my reactions to Peg's sleazy invitations as she draped herself over a stack of pillows. Sprouting a wickedly lop-sided smile when I folded her fingers in and led her stiffened right 'Bird' to Peg's furry-fringed source of pride,Deb wriggled-into her Purplish pucker while frankly taunting,"He's making me do this. Is that alright"? Peg's answer came by way of gasping giggles,"I been itchin' to see what he'd do in-control..So if he's Makin' You,it's alright by me". I played that sentiment up by dropping a heavy hand on Peg's trim butt,"How hard can she cum before she busts those stitches,Doc"? "You shouldn't go Ram-Rodding her..." "That's Not what I asked",I interrupted brusquely,"So let me rephrase the question; Could the Contractions of Female Ejaculation hurt her"? Deb-Bi eased her volume to rasp,"She's Tough Enough",then lost all pretenses of calmness as her left hand sped South for a squelchy Diddle. I dropped another heavy hand on Peg's haunch,peeled her bunz apart and nudged Deb with my shoulder,"Down one Hole". Stammering,"Fuf-Fuh-Fuh-Fuuuuuck Nuh-Nooooo"!,Peg jammed her knees into the stacked pillows while reaching back to slap me,"Don't lick it none!..Just Feed It Dick"! // Peg's potty-mouthed chatter did not last long. She translated the doting attention Deb & I lavished upon her during this incarnation of Inchworming Marathon in loving terms,despite the undeniable facts that the action was far freakier and less romantic than our initial Tryst. Diddling to Porn designed to entertain guys had manifested kinks in Peg's noggin that shared little-to-nothing in-common with the kinks Deb-Bi & I were manifesting upon her flesh,and those sensations were becoming more ticklish as the steady flow of time and our unhurried passions activated triggers Peg had no opportunities to explore before...... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Wish You Were Here)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature