TRP - 'Bridging the reality-gap' ~ one

..."Roller Girl,don't worry. DJ plays the Movies..All night long..All night long".... I carried Peg to the Love Nest,had a flash-rinse in the shower,slipped into my Gold Speedo and moved downstairs to don my apron & fix the Humpahos Breakfast. Baking Trays of Bacon & Sausage were first in the oven,then I began the drudgery of cracking 6 Dozen Eggs into a large Bowl. Linda followed the smell of Bacon Downstairs,put on a Pot of Coffee,broke out the cutting board and began chopping Ham & Veggies to go in the Breakfast Casseroles. Meats out of the oven,Casseroles in,I set the Kitchen Timer for 20 minutes,then made the climb to the Love-Nest carrying a tray of Coffee & Juice for Starters. Peg was squeaky-clean,freshly Bandaged,and looking Darling/Cute in semi-sheer Pink undies as Deb-Bi finished braiding her hair in twin Ponytails. We'd come at it from different directions,but we arrived at the same conclusion while chatting over Coffee; The Three of us weren't leaving the Love Nest until the other girls chased us out. // I hung the Do Not Disturb sign printed with large 'Z-Z-Z's spanning the top & bottom,locked us in and performed something approaching a Hootchie-Cootchie Dance to 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' from Symphonic Rock's `British Invasion` Tape en-route to Breakfast in Bed. "Lookit you",Peg chortled while stretching her right foot out to heckle the boney,"Up all night and ain't even tired". It was a playful start to the playful day we were aiming for and it turned Peg chatty concerning her long-term Affair with Porn & Plastic Fantastic Lovers; Spending a Decade as a Mechanic had completely crushed her hopes of finding a decent Mate. Spending a Night in the Cabaret had led Peg to conclude that she'd found her 'Happy Place' among our Tribe of Indecent Mates. Bridging the reality-gap between Fantasizing herself in Porno scenes-to-Participating in something Finer & Freakier attuned to her wavelength filled Peg with awakened sensations she was eager to explore..At the moment,she was harboring Crushes on the Hot Doctor & I and felt very passionately about exploring Romance 'Between Us'..... (Currently Listening To : Golden Earring : Moontan)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature