TRP - 'Walking the Dog'

..."Give me your dirty love. Like your Mama make her fuzzy Poodle do. (Oh Frenchie!) Give me your dirty love. The way your Mama make that nasty Poodle chew".... The Humpahos were merrily showing-off their best bad behavior. When they decided to give me a break from the weight-bench Ivy Jacobs placed a Dog-Collar around my neck. Taking me for a 'Walk' back to the Big Bed,she slapped her fine behind,`tsk-tsk`,"Here Boy"!,then flipped the leash over her shoulder and folded at the waist to brace herself against the mattress on stiffened arms. This move forced me to conform with the sharp angles she presented,held hard against her spine by the tightened leash. Shivering fitfully when I didn't bury the boney immediately,Ivy tipped her knees together,trapping me in a slippery slide through the seething heat of her prominent outer folds. Jiving,"Bad Doggy",she flashed a scintillating smile at our reflection,then eased onto her elbows gathering loops of leash around her hand until she'd coaxed the boney into her snug sheathe hissing steamy praise,"Wooooofff..Wooooofff". // The girls took turns 'Walking the Dog' until the turns returned to Peg. She was surprised when Bebe handed her the leash,slowly spanning into a lazy form of leer aimed my way,"Bored fuckin' Bitches,yet"? "Nope". Peg commenced piling up pillows,"Is it OK if he moves it up a notch,Doc"? "Half a notch",Deb-Bi cautioned,"Too easy for you to mistake Pain for Pleasure". Peg sniggered,"I know I'm stoned,right,but?..I meant 'Up a notch' like maybe I should'a said,Up A Hole..Y'know..A-Hole"? "Same as told ya before before: Don't go Crazy". "And that goes double for me",I swiftly tacked-on. "Double-Double",Deb landed a light slap on my left cheek,"Remember who's next". I beamed her a toothy smile while dropping the volume to a clandestine whisper,"Start pondering your Breakfast Order". Deb snapped into an,"ooohh",her lips remaining poised in a tight ring for a 4-Mississippi Count before she bent to shake Peg's foot,"On Second-Thought; Lemme give you a quick going-over,first"...... (Currently Listening To : U2 : War)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature