TRP - "US". ~ "..All of Us.."

Rush : La Villa Strangiato : playz.... The girls knew my moods..And the meaning behind my silly smile when they helped Peg crawl away from the damp saddle of my face. The 'Cuffs stayed on my wrists and the Humpahos began pumping me full of Trip-o-Hol as they tickled my kinkiest bones with challenging visions of Feasting on Sloppy Twenty-Sevenths; If I was Man Enough to last that long. Feeling the boney swell with fresh vigor,Deb-Bi surged forward to plant her hands on my chest,a Rosy flush tinting her cheeks as she gazed down on me from her high perch,"All of them"? "US",Pimiento corrected in one breath,then expanded upon it with her next as she tipped the Bottle of Trip-o-Hol to my lips,"Woof never gets enough when All of Us take advantage of his 'Douche-Face' Moods". Deb-Bi adopted a wickedly twisted grin,"Never,hunh?..I wondered why nobody was taking bets on This challenge". // Sunday,0145hours: I Knew I was too Toasted to recover in time to attend Mass,so I blew it off early and asked the girls to pop the cork on another bottle of Trip-o-Hol. Some of the girls headed downstairs to fetch snacks and/or repeat their Chores,a few others began digging through the Costumes,while the rest of the Humpaho's shifted me off the Big Bed and bound my torso to the Weight-Lifting Bench. The keynote to this move was to keep me in Submission while freeing my hands,which the High Priestess Pro-Tempore`promptly put to work massaging her swollen Dairies as she settled low in my saddle emoting a raw whisper,"Slimy Motherfucker". "Slimy Mother",I countered with a frisky wink before clamping down on her left nipple for a brawny suckle. "Perfect,innit"? "Mmm-Hmmmmmmmmmm"!...... (Currently Listening To : Jethro Tull : Stormwatch) 
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