TRP - Working Party

..."Under this Flag,we're all Union Jacks".... 1330hours: Getting off to their usual late start,the Black Sheep guys rolled the Unimog into Giebelstadt and rented a few Chainsaws & Earth Moving Attachments from Raulf's Farmer's Supply Yard.(They weren't going to fuck-up MY Snowplow!) Their Objective; Building a Motocross Course & Mud Bog for the 6-wheeled Amphicats in and about the Old stand of Trees at the far end of the Property we'd designated,'Stoner Camp'. The Location was deemed perfect for a number of reasons,primarily Noise-Abatement and proximity to a Water Management Manifold.(Imagine 6 Fire Hydrants welded together.) The Secondary reason was the high number of Dead Oaks we were aiming to cull for Firewood. The guys had a simple & sound plan,which some of the girls promptly bettered,first by Volunteering to drive the Dodge 3/4Tons busting Stumps,dragging out Logs and fetching in loads of Dirt where needed..And then by making their own run on Raulf's to Rent 3 'Ditch Witches',which were much handier to operate among the Trees and spared a lot of time & sweat that was scheduled to be expended on Shovel-work. The Net result of these cooperative efforts led to the accumulation of enough Oak to see us through the harshest Winter with plenty to spare,and the creation of a larger & more challenging Bog,the soil from that excavation enhancing the number & size of Banked Curves,Berms & Jumps along the Motocross Course. The Tribe & a few 'Guest-Workers' accomplished it during the last half of the day,and best-of-all,Every finger & toe was accounted-for as we cheered spinning the spigots to Muddy the Bog..... (Currently Listening To : The Babys : Head First)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature