TRP - 'Truth or Dare'

..."You may be right. I may be crazy..But it just may be a Lunatic you're looking for...Turn out the light. Don't try to save me.".... "Who's Camping-Out"? "Archeology Students from Hiedelberg University. Wanna go see the 'Dig'"? Deb quizzed in-return,"Can I get there in these Beachies"?(Flip Flops) "The Path is solid",I assured her. "Lead away". A few paces into the Treeline she closed-up to inquire,"Where did you learn about Aloe Massages"? "I grew up a Navy Brat. Pappy spent a lot of my 'Formative Years' in 'Nam,or out to Sea,so all I had for Bathroom reading was my Ma's Subscription to Cosmo". "OK",Deb chuckled,"That explains a lot..Most of the questions I had,actually. What do you need to know from me"? "What did your Girlfriend say when you told her you were Pregnant"? "I told ya not to drink that Absinthe",she gasped immediately after it passed her lips,"How did you do that"!? "Her Scent is in your Dress". "WoW..That's amazing and scary at the same time..Is it an Actual Sixth Sense"? "It might seem less scary if you think of it as reawakening a Primitive Sense". "Still"?,Deb persisted,"I've never heard of anything like it"? I shrugged it off,"Maybe I'm the Missing Link"? Carping,"You're not getting out of it that easy",she hauled me around to face her furrowed frown,"Explain it to me". "I can read Female Pheromones like a book..I'm sorry to disappoint your curiosity,but I can't explain How it works". // I could explain how it served to keep us free of Sexually Transmitted Diseases,which steered our conversation to the comfort those warnings provided for those within our Safe Circle. At this stage Deb decided to instigate a game of 'Truth or Dare'. I chose Truth,then spent next 15 minutes educating her on the form & functions of our Tribe's Safe Circle. For her part,Deb also opted for Truth,and pushed right on through without waiting for my question to confide in me that once-upon-a-time she'd been happy,"..Trolling Disco's for Dicks..",until an odd Yeast Infection led her to a Soul-Searching false self-diagnosis of Gonorrhea discharge,which took her down the Path of swearing-off Men entirely..A Pledge her Gay Roommate promptly pounced upon as she Seductively emerged from 'The Closet'. They'd remained a tight,loving Couple until Absinthe's Wicked Green Fairy loosened Deb up for a Bathroom Quickie with a random Ski-Lodge Romeo. Proof of Pregnancy and the good Doctor's refusal to consider an Abortion put the lasting Traitor's mark on Deb,and her Girlfriend split for Greener Lesbian Pastures hurling,"Cock-a-Holic",themed curses at her on the way out. (Narrator's Note: I found these sort of 'First Date Revelations' far superior to anything Printed in the 'Letters' Section of Men's Magazines. ~ That's why I'm so fond of sharing them.) There wasn't much anger,longing,or sadness in Deb's tone,so I stepped up and quipped,"This time I'll do a Dare". She shined me a scintillating smile,"Oh,No. It's my turn to go first..Dare me". "I Dare you to allow me to serve you Breakfast in Bed". "Ooooh,that's a Nice one",Deb purred in the manner a Grand She-Cat,"What ya got for me in the 'Naughty Section'"? "I Double-Dog-Dare you to use a Stethoscope to listen-in while I Feast on your sweet Honey-Ginger Beaver". She launched the chuckles,"Works for me!..I'll take you up on both of those"..... (Currently Listening To : Mostly Autumn : That Night In Leamington)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature