TRP - "Breakfast Nookie"! ~ two

..."Whatever happened to 50-50?(50-50!?)".... Nici held my hand as we stepped into the shower and arranged us to reform a bare-skin version of the Pose I'd placed her in during Interrogation. She'd found a few more things to share after 'Chores',and graced me with a condensed version of her Love-life,focused on the mistaken Trust she'd placed in a couple of Boyfriends she'd left for over-reacting to her Submissive Nature..Nici harbored no dark desires to be Humiliated,Mistreated or subjected to Torture. In short; She claimed to be Deferential,not Demented. "So?..You're seeking a Gentle Master"? "Welllll..Y'see I'm uh..",'gulp',Nici raised an exotically hungered gaze to capture my eye,"They kept calling you their 'Slutty Buddy'. That put a righteous new name on what I've been looking for",then wrapped a firm grip around the boney and dropped her volume to a dulcet thrum,"I'm telling you all this because I really wanna get it right this time". "I believe you just made it right,Hun". // We came very close to becoming a Perpetual-Motion Phenomenon; It pleased Nici to please me and it didn't take her very long to conclude that we Truly shared common aims..To be Sex-Puppets. That realization became a mighty High Octane fuel for Nici's semi-dormant Imagination to consume,and she began blowing-off Steam through emotional exhortations that kept me alert for her urgently hissed Positional & Targeting Directives. It couldn't accurately be described as 'Taking Turns',but it served to heat our Tryst to Fever-pitch when Nici began gaining confidence pulling my strings..Usually in the direction of her pliable pooter. She giggled the first few times I called her a,"..Butt Bunny..",then swept into an extremely amorous mood when it began to emerge from my lips as,"..MY Butt Bunny..". That Possessive Pronoun nudged Nici into her Comfort Zone,making her next 'Call' for Marathon Hugs & Kisses in Missionary and MY choice of How,When & Where to slip the jolley boney. I teased her for a hovering moment,"My Choice is Lady's Choice". Nici beamed me a fanciful grin,"Duuuuh What's Up,Cock?..Butt Bunny"..... (Currently Listening To : Electric Light Orchestra : A New World Record)  
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