TRP - "Breakfast Nookie"! ~ one

The Alan Parsons Project : Genesis Ch.1 V.32 : playz.... Nici(pron: nee-see) Martin,a trim Afro-Oriental Spec-5 GCA Controller from Kitzingen bounced down the Hive's spiral stairs to squeeze-in between me & the Man Cave's door,mischievously smirking,"You gotta pay the Toll". "Sorry,Sister..My Place. My Rules",I informed her while slowly & deliberately hooking my finger around the center of her Bikini Bra,then tugged down to free her firm C-Cups,"I collect the Tolls here". Nici's smirk deepened,"Fine by me. I don't like to be aggressive,but they told me it was best for you if I made my intentions crystal-clear",she took a deep breath and slipped into a sultry whisper,"I fell Totally In Lust with the 'Woofy' Dick-Toy Lacey Marie lent me out in the Field". I unlocked the door,"I was about to hop in the shower",and backed her inside,"Unless you prefer sweaty guys"? "Not to begin with,No",now sporting a very frisky smile after reaching past me to click the Dead-Bolt,Nici stood her ground and faced-off to banter,"But I wouldn't mind if we wound-up soaked in sweat"?,then sprung up onto her tippy-toes and hung from my neck to claim her first kiss. Folding me over as she backed away tugging my shirt overhead,Nici skipped off swirling it over her head,chuckling,"Breakfast Nookie"! // I began the Interrogation by slinking my middle finger into the crease of Nici's prominent Cameltoe,"Lacey wouldn't lend an outsider her favorite Toy out'a the Clear-Blue"? Sprouting a slick grin,she pulsed her pelvis to sink my finger deeper into her Checkerboard Bikini bottom,"She saw me changing,and that got us talking about all the hair I got down there". "They"?,I continued to question while scratching at the firmness of her nubbins,"You said; 'They told you it was best to make your intentions crystal-clear'..Who else have you been talking to"? Swaying on shaky legs,Nici gusted,"The Nigger Circus",leaned heavily against me,clinging to my Right arm stretching down her trim body,caught her breath and finished,"They made me Try-Out with your Dick-Toys". I bent to whisper faintly in her ear,"Toys"? Nici wilted a bit more,"Thanks..Yeah..I Get-Off being told what to do". "Me,too",I nuzzled-in for a light gnaw on her neck,"You wanna play Master now,or later"?..... (Currently Listening To : John Cougar : Nothing Matters And What If It Did)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature