TRP - "The Secret Is To Bang Those Rocks Together,Boys"!

..."I watch the ripples change their size,but never leave the stream of warm permanence"....  Bright-and-Early Saturday Morning the Czech-Mates,Dana,Jan & I jogged into Giebelstadt to fill our Backpacks with Pastries and ran into the broken bottles,burnt garbage cans,trashed Phone Booth aftermath of a Riot around the intersection that led to the Bordello..Where 3 Polizei Cars stood Guard. "Guess who got a Weekend Pass"?,Dana griped morosely. "Some people live-and-learn..But those Grunts just fucking live",I groused in-return,then raised my voice to the skies,"The Secret Is To Bang Those Rocks Together,Boys"! "No,don't do that"!,Jan quipped,"Else next Payday they'll be slaying people with Jawbones"! // Lillienne & Her Father passed us the Latest Local News & Rumor Reviews while loading us up with Breads & Sweets; 'The Blacks' had began brawling in the halls of the Bordello,and from there it spilled downstairs & outside like a Tsunami along the line of Drunken Grunts waiting their turn. Luckily their energies were focused on bashing one another,so the Phone Booth was the only real damage suffered by the Locals,besides the assaults upon their peace-of-mind & sleep..Though some Broom-pushing remained to be done. Lil also reported that maybe 2 Dozen Grunts had been taken to Hospital and roughly the same number had been busted by the Polizei before they could scramble out of Town..And the Bordello had Voluntarily Posted itself 'Off-Limits' to the U.S.Army..... (Currently Listening To : Led Zeppelin : In Through The Out Door)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature