TRP - Ticklish Subject

Bob Welch : One On One : playz.... Being doused with Lime flavored Sex-Slime launched Stella on a giggle-rama as the viscous dribbling oozed over her generous expanse of ticklish spots mobilizing Armies of Goose-pimples. I paused to pose a question,"Lemme guess; Big John thought you were laughing At Him"? She spat-out the boney to chortle,"Oh Yeah. Big Time",then swiftly resumed her extremely arousing laugh-track-blowjob as I elbowed her knees out to gain a better angle on her supremely ticklish pooter. Stella emoted a languid sigh as she bellied-down above me,squeaked festively when my tongue wriggled into the puckered ring of her Pink Starfish,then swept back into a more-or-less permanent state of giggling as I feasted upon her with devotions to commit Sexual Pranks upon her uber-sensitive flesh. // It was a total Lark,spurred by Stella's knack for spouting potty-mouthed laughter that softened the sharp edges of her insistently pornographic orchestration of the rampant,"..Cornholing..",from the dark recesses of her mind. After seeing her way to a number of Happy Endings,I sought my own,hauling her out of 'Doggie' to perch on my lap. Shivering as my wandering hands reinvigorated her thin-skinned nerves,Stella swung a pleasant smile over her left shoulder and chuckled,"Pinch my Tee-Ta's",an instant before she instigated Round Two with a wickedly giggled bob & weave. Her nipples were too slick for positive control and too ticklish to be ignored,so I loaded up the springs in my middle fingers and hit her with a series of firm Flicks. Stella's immediate response was to slump back onto my chest,her gut-busting laughter-gasms sparking some mighty tight contractions around the boney while I croaked in her ear,"Gimme the rest,Hun..Put your weight behind it". She promptly squiggled down to the boyez,presenting a very fetching view of her broad hips appearing to swing open like a hinge as she aired a flippantly cheerful,"It's like his Cum gets hotter with every heartbeat"..... (Currently Listening To : Led Zeppelin : Led Zeppelin III)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature