TRP - Nomination

..."And I go Insane,like I always do. And I call your name,she's a lot like you"....  I was forced to reassess my appraisal of Stella from Pudgy-to-Sturdy while watching her dance. Though she was obviously bottom-heavy,her shaking Booty was moving muscle,not jiggling flab. Beyond the starting-point of her fine behind,Stella possessed quite a few attributes that focused my Fetish Crush on her as a Tinkerbell Fairy MILF. Lanie & Virginia were still on Kythera,so I notified Annie Lawrence that she was High Priestess Pro-Tempore and Nominated Stella for Initiation with my next breath. "I'll send somebody for you when we're ready",she announced through a game grin,then set out on a whispering tour among the Humpahos. // Stella was sporting a mischievously prideful smile when I answered the Tribal Summons and climbed the stairs to the Cabaret/Playroom. Copping a slightly confrontational pose placing hands on her hips,she quizzed,"They tell me I'm the first girl You chose for one of these...Initiations"? "You are; And there are plenty of Good-and-Horny reasons why I stepped-up with the Nomination",I countered glibly,"You're free to decline,but I'm pretty-much praying you'll 'Sleep On It' before making-up your mind"? Leering Lecherously above her mischievous smile,Stella reached to untie my Birdwell Beach Britches,"Tell me 'bout those Good-and-Horny reasons"? "I've always harbored a Crush on Tinkerbell. If she had a Hot-to-Trot Mommy I can't help myself imagining the Two of you being cast in the same Mold". I shivered when she made a sudden bend to rush my shorts down to my ankles,then croaked,"Keep talking,Loverboy",before launching a passionately articulate Oral Assault on the jolley boney. "Such A Fine Behind",I praised over the overwhelming overhead view of my hands massaging her more-than-ample curves,"I'm looking forward to kissing it for a couple of hours". Stella spat out the boney to giggle,"French Kissing"? I caught her chin and raised her to stand while closing-in to whisper,"I want you on top of this '69'". She delivered a sweet little peck on the lips,and chuckled,"Tinkerbell's Mom"? I shrugged,"You asked..I answered". "OK,Peter",Stella snickered,"Lemme show you how I get to Never-Never Land"..... (Currently Listening To : Boston : Boston)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature