The Rake's Progress - "HERE'S TO BROTHER WOOFY!..."

..."When you hear the price they paid I'm sure you'll come and join the Masquerade".... 1825hours: The Sea-Dog shut everybody up with a super-shrill 2fingered whistle,then cranked the Volume up on the TV; "This is worth paying attention-to",the AFN Newsman tapped a still image from the Gun-Camera Video,"MILES Receptors on his Helmet and Web-Gear. Receptors are also mounted on his Guitar,and he's standing-out like a sore Thumb in front of Blue Smoke..The A-10's that missed him on the first pass never got a second chance. An Army Air Defense Battery Ambushed them during Climb-out. This Man distracted those A-10 Pilots so effectively that they were only able to Score Damage on Two of the Six Decoy Aircraft set out as Bait before they were quote 'Lit Up' unquote..Alright..Roll the Tape". As the Paused Party in the Pub erupted in raucous cheers watching a few hundred laser dots stitching up the empty sod alongside Lima 22/04's Grass Strip,the Sea-Dog reverently placed my Triple-Horned Viking Helmet on the Bar before me and squeezed a slice of Lemon into the 3liters of Wolf Hefeweissen,"HERE'S TO BROTHER WOOFY!.." The Black Sheep chimed-in,"HERE'S TO BROTHER WOOFY,BROTHER WOOFY,BROTHER WOOFY!..HERE"S TO BROTHER WOOFY WHO'S WITH US TONIGHT!..HE EATS IT! HE BEATS IT! HE REALLY MISTREATS IT!..HERE'S TO BROTHER WOOFY,WHO'S WITH US TONIGHT!..SO DRINK MOTHERFUCKER! DRINK MOTHERFUCKER! DRINK MOTHERFUCKER!..DRINK"!! I followed our Oldest Ritual and raised the Helm high to deliver the Ceremonial Retort,"GIEBEL-PEOPLE WOBBLE BUT WE NEVER FALL DOWN"!,then brought it to my lips and began 52seconds of concerted chug-a-lugging..Which won Flash $350 in the Pool when the Sea-Dog announced the time and displayed the Stop-Watch & Sudsy Dregs as evidence. // "Radar Love"?,Rosecranz mused as he backed to lean on the Bar beside me,"I never thought about it pertaining to ATC before". "It's been a Staple of ours for a Loooooong time",I turned to join him watching the girls shaking booty,"It takes on a little extra meaning when the Weather 'Closes-In' while you're Flying Home..Most of the Black Sheep girls have earned their Pilot's Licenses". "What about the dudes"? "Heh..They seem content to get their Rations of Responsibility while in Uniform. Most of 'em didn't even want to put forth the effort required to obtain a German Driver's License". Beak nodded,"That explains all the Mopeds". "Yup. They're 'bout perfect for getting around out here in the Boonies". Beak turned a squinty glare loose on me,"Answer me this; If you can play Guitar like that,how come you're not out there making 'bout a Million a Year"? I answered him honestly,"That would be accepting a cut in Pay,Party-Time and Poontang to take a job that's much less fun and fulfilling than the one I already have". "Pay"!?,he sniggered,"Ya gotta be kidding,right"? "Nope",I assured him,"The Interest on my Saving's Accounts netted me nearly One-point-Seven Mil last Year". "Aw Man,I knew you had Money,but...Damn"! I chuckled merrily,"This is about where you'd hear a Plastic Asshole spout some lame,'Being Rich isn't all it's cracked up to be',spiel,but it is the Grooviest Situation Imaginable and I'm not about to deny it"!..... (Currently Listening To : Berlin : The Best Of Berlin - 1979-1988)
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