TRP - The Good,The Bad & The Pudgy

..."Everybody's working for the weekend. Everybody needs a new romance. Everybody's going off the deep end. Everybody wants a second chance".... Professor Karl and his Students were still Camping out near the 'Dig'. Many of them who had planned to skip home for the weekend decided to stick around the Quarry instead after seeing the Commercials on AFN TV advertising that Heidelberg would be 'Lighting' the Castle to Celebrate Memorial Day. Occasionally the Germans would cater these Lightings to American Holidays because GI's enjoyed a good Fireworks show in about equal-measure to spending good U.S.Dollars drinking good German Beer. The Black Sheep had been there & done that Celebrating the 4th of July,1981,so we understood why the Locals would want to avoid the Crush that choked their Roads with Traffic,filled the Pedestrian Shopping Zones with Humanity and turned the Neckar's Riverside Parkways into Acres of very crowded Campgrounds..With NO Bathroom Facilities. Adding Army Payday to Warm,Sunny Weather conditions Multiplied by 3 Days of Partying? The sights,sounds and smells of that scene were Not gonna be much of a Picnic. In contrast,we'd kept our Party plans simple,secret and limited to the Tribe & Troops returning from Hohenfels,aiming for Celebratory Nights of Revelry followed by Mellow days of Rest & Recreation. Karl's Students were pretty cool,respected the Reservation and could be counted on to pitch-in at need,so it was no great imposition revising our plans to include the Baker's Dozen of them remaining at the Quarry. // When not perched on his favorite stool at the Woofhausen Pub,Big John Connelly managed a fair impression of 'Long John Silver' hobbling around on a single Crutch. He'd hooked-up with a pudgy 32year old Brunette Divorcee` named Stella,a Paper-Pusher he had a couple of dealings with at the Wurzburg Army Hospital. Continuing his shitty streak with Women,it was 'One Date & Done' for Stella,who was willing to do everything But subject herself to Big John's brand of Callously Abusive Language. Heidi Aguirre caught Stella on the rebound,and the Divorced Duo had spent the better part of the last 2 days sequestered in the Playhouse exploring the boundless varieties of Sexual kicks offered by our extensive collection of Toys. Big John was bummed to discover that Stella had not split,taking a sharp blow to his Ego at being supplanted by Heidi..... (Currently Listening To : Marillion : Misplaced Childhood)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature