TRP - Parteizeit

After The Fire : 1980*f : playz.... I was gang-tackled,stripped and carried into the Playhouse's Shower Room for a very thorough 'Detailing'. Checked for Ticks,Flushed,Manicured,Pedicured,Plucked,Shaved,Trimmed and possibly sporting the Squeakiest Clean in recorded History after at least Three layers of skin had been Defoliated,I reached my limits of Pent-up Anticipation and pinned Belle Jones face-first against the tiles to loose a lusty growl in her ear,"Been smelling you Stewing all week,Hun". "Goooooood Woofy",she chuckled salaciously,"Bitch me",'tsch-tsch',"G'head..Bitch me,Boy"! The usual Cheers & Jeers amplified by the bathroom confines,Belle made an accommodating bounce onto her tippy-toes,tucked me into her Stewing sexpot without delay and dropped her heels to the deck emoting the first of many heated huffs & puffs timed to the flattening & recoiling of her fleshy buns. The girls latched onto our wet,slappy rhythm and began chanting,"Hump-A-Ho!..Hump-A-Ho!.." Belle gripped my wrists,shifting my hands from steering her hips on South for a reach-around,slipping her fingers between mine to take a leading role in a raunchy double diddling. Grappling with her touchiest trigger sent Belle's sex spazz,scalding the Boney with the liquid heat of her 'Bitchin' desires. "..Hump-A-Ho!..Hump-A-Ho!.." She sprouted a fine crop of Goose-Pimples when I lavished some chewy nibbles on her exposed neck while losing control right along with her. When it became obvious we weren't going to be through with each other anytime soon the girls peeled us apart,then put us back together with me now laying on the Tiles,Belle braced against my knees cranking-up a squatty bounce and Lynn Moss pausing to slip me some nasty tongue from an inverted kiss en-route to crawling up onto the saddle of my face. I looped my arms around her thighs,pinching hair & flesh alike as I reached around to peel her portal open for a deep stretch in to swirl the tip of my tongue into the soft pillow of her G-Spot,rousing our olde Drill Sergeant to slap her own ass with both hands,then dropped to cover my forehead,pressing my skull back into the tiles holding it firmly in-place while she hovered higher over me waiting for the shakes to pass.... (Currently Listening To : Cheech & Chong's Wedding Album)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature