TRP - Morale-i-tease

..."We be makin' a Bee-line headin' for the Border-line - Goin' for broke"!.... Friday,1300hours: First In,Last Out. Rather than play caboose to Miles of Military Convoys choking the Roads out of Hohenfels as Thousands of Troops rushed to their Home Bases with visions of Memorial Day Weekend dancing in their heads,I'd arranged a Surprise for 3rd Platoon; After the other Facilities had broken Camp and rallied at Lima 22/04 to make our way home in concert,I cast a spell to rouse the Magic Carpet and Four C-130's landed to Airlift us into Giebelstadt. For Rosencranz and a few stray Controllers from Kitzingen & Wertheim,this Air-Loading Drill was the final step required to earn their Tactical Facility Ratings,which granted 3rd Platoon the Honor of being the first 'Forward' ATC Unit to attain Tactical Qualifications for 100% of Controllers Assigned. This sparked a Celebratory Mood that was sure to enhance the flow of 'Spirits' during our Memorial Weekend Festivities..Which were then re-enhanced when we made the short Road-March from 'Gieb-to-Kitzingen and The First Sergeant called an informal Formation to announce that Payday had come early. Knowing who'd gone to Hohenfels & who'd stayed to Guard the Garrison,I spurred the Troops into motion,"If you need to visit the Bank,do it Now. In a hour the lines will be Three hours long". // ~~ Intermission ~~ // Working smartly instead of hard,we were able to avoid a lot of hassles & save a lot of time by taking steps such as rushing our Vehicles to the Refuel Point to have their tanks topped-off and hanging our Tents on the Motorpool fence for a thorough blasting while we had a monopoly on the water-pressure,which was then turned-loose on our Transport when they returned from Refueling. We tossed the clean,wet Tents in the back of a clean,wet 'Deuce,backed it into the Motorpool and draped the heavy canvas over the rafters to dry. The was no short-cutting the last stage of Cleaning our Weapons before turning them into the Arms-Room,and that's what we were engaged-in when the first 'Dragon Wagon' Tank Transporters rumbled down Motorpool Strasse. 3rd Platoon's Morale went Hyper-Ballistic calculating the head-start they'd gotten on the Weekend..Under normal circumstances we'd have been at-least 2hours behind them on the Road..... (Currently Listening To : Dire Straits : Communique)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature