TRP - Inquestioning ~ two

..."I used to be on an endless run. Believe in miracles 'cause I'm one. I've been blessed with the power to survive. After all these years I'm still alive..Yeah,I believe in miracles. Oh,I believe in a better world for me and you".... Returning from Recess the Captain was clearly annoyed,seemingly more eager to Lock Horns as he launched into me seconds after the Brigadier reconvened the Inquest,"Major Simmons,why don't you wear Qualification Patches on your Field Uniforms"? "For precisely the same reasons we mount Subdued Rank Insignia,no one Salutes in a Tactical Environment and Maneuver Control Umpires don't wear Name-Tapes; We don't want to become targets for our Enemies and/or Vindictive Assholes". The Captain's clipboard slapped the table as he braced over it to glare at me,"You're goading confrontation"! I copped a slick grin during the pregnant pause before replying,"I believe in employing the 'Tactics of Mistake',Captain; Angry people don't think so sharply..It's effects are akin to being drunk on one's own Ego". "General"!? "Yes,Captain"? "Major Simmons is..." "Correct"!,the Brigadier interrupted brusquely,"You have no Right,or Excuse to fault Major Simmons for mounting an Aggressive Defense. I was standing right there when he warned you he was eager to take his arguments all the way up to a Court's Martial..That Captain,is the very definition of 'Conviction'. What puzzles me is how you failed to recognize it",then he dropped into a more measured tone,"The Proof lies before you,Captain; Major Simmons is not responsible for the unfortunate accident at Airstrip Lima 22/04. I Exonerate him of all Blame in this matter..Do you have any Objections to offer,Captain"? "Negative,Sir". The Brigadier's Gavel crashed down,"This Inquest is Terminated"..... (Currently Listening To : Various Artists : We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To Ramones)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature