TRP - 'Wifey'

..."Well,I got to tell you something that'll go right through your head. (Aaawhooohhh) I got a line.(Aaawhooohhh) Yeah,I got a line on you".... Mi'Chelle would earn First Rites by virtue of the creativity she displayed climbing over my right shoulder to 'Serve-Up' an inverted 69..In addition to the wanton willfulness to hang in there upside down taunting me with impishly random,Gravity-assisted excursions to deep-throated fulfillment that spurred her seething Sex to provide me with overwhelmingly Juicy evidence of her wants & needs to breed before she flipped around to share the sloppiest Soul-Kiss offered by any of our Initiates. Excited and embarrassed by the cheering acclaim following her 'Win',Mi'Chelle accepted a half-Gallon bucket of Sex Slime dumped on her head with good graces,hauling me in to support her slow descent to the Tarp,then startled me with a leg-sweep that brought my ass crash-landing beside her. A sharp shake of her head & shoulders whipped my chest with her long,gunky hair as her pelvis followed-through to come astride me for a gleefully executed continuance of shaking her excess Slime off onto me. The girls,who had also been caught by surprise,began to chime-in with rowdy banter advancing a muscular tussle. Heeding the Tribe's Popular Vote,I caught a large globule sliding off Mi'Chelle's left breast and slapped it back into place with a sound Viciously out of proportion to the force I'd used. As we were all soon to learn,Mi'Chelle possessed a body freakishly conducive to producing a wide variety of Sexually Explicit noises. The tragedy of her active,but generally unsatisfying Love-Life meant that Mi'Chelle was unaware that those noises were the genuine Key to freeing her latent Passions. My first slap provided her a mischievous wake-up call,causing her to sit up and twist her breast around in search of a hand-print. The changing angles slotted the boney between her uber-lubricated bunz,which promptly sounded-off with squishy regularity as I glided through Happy Valley with playfully humping intent. Releasing her inspected breast to swing the pair ponderously over my face as Mi'Chelle braced high and followed my lead,doing a naughty Dance on the saddle of me until a purposeful undulation swept the helmet through her puckered ring and sheathed half the boney in her wriggling butt while her cootchie went 'Spazz' and scalded me with irregular bursts of queef-launched splatter. When Mi'Chelle emoted a whining Howl striking on some extremely needy chords cheers were quickly raised and just as quickly shushed by a hissing majority of Humpahos who had heard just about everything Except Howls coming from the lips of my Partners. This,when added to the Tales Allison & her Mom were about to tell the Tribe around the Sexual Campfire would lead the girls down the Playful Party Path towards a Sunday Morning 'Wedding' to Consecrate Mi'Chelle as Allison's hand-chosen Substitute Wife-aka-'Wifey'.(Lifted from a Caveman Skit on Gilligan's Island: "Chiefy-Weefy's Wifey".)..... (Currently Listening To : Warren Zevon : Excitable Boy)     
Topics: Incredastory, Mature