TRP - "...Push".

..."I get by with a little help from my friends. I get high with a little help from my friends".... I'd pretty-much been ushered straight from the Plane to the Initiation Ceremony. There were sound reasons for me to catch a buzz,so the High Priestess Lanie ceded me the Wicker Throne,delayed the customary dousing with Sex-Slime and Ordained the Neophytes(In 'Eenie-meenie-miney-mo' order: Alannah,Mi'Chelle,Cassie,Rachel then Tanya.) to serve-up their best blowjobs in a competition to help me Judge which of them would be the first to gain Tribal Status. "I want your best Creamy Kisses,too",I tacked-on,rousing Alannah to a Passionately Rosy Blush as she braced on the Throne's arms and leaned over me to purr; "You mean to say Kissing to share Samenzellen(Sperm Cells)"? "Yes,Please"? The lanky Blonde shivered while easing to her knees,"You Must remind me to Post Stephanie a Card to express my Many Thanks". // Knowing what it took and how to get me there fast,Lanie loaded the Hookah with a half-marble of Opium on a bed of crumbled Hash from the bottom of our stash and kept me huffing-and-puffing like the proverbial Big,Bad Wolf,hot-boxing the Bowl to a cheery glow between chugs of Cactus Juice to cure my Resin'y case of the Cottonmouth. While that was going on above,Alannah became feverishly amused when I'd withstood her initially savage oral onslaught,down-shifting to a pleasantly comfortable pace to test my restraint against her Loving moves..Which suited my mellowing mood much better. Candy Date Hitomi skittered to the Throne to perpetrate a quick intrusion,slipping a Black lace Butterfly Mask into place over Alannah's twinkling Hazel eyes,then,almost as an afterthought,Hitomi handed me the shock of Blonde curls in her hand,bowed deeply and backed away. Alannah cranked into a lop-sided grin,knee crawled to her left as she straightened & straddled my right leg and commenced laying hot,slick snail-trails along my shin emoting a festively giggled,"Don't pull my hair...Push"...... (Currently Listening To : Toto : Hydra)        
Topics: Incredastory, Mature