TRP - 10 Years In The Making

"Here,for whatever reason is the World. And here it stays,with me on it". ~~ Douglas Adams.... The girls at the Groves had been having some fun Treating Kythera as a giant open-air Mall using the Phone Book as their Guide Book. They'd also made several runs on Artemis' Scrap Dealership in Agia Pelagia,and from there on to a few of the local Carpenters,Electricians,Mechanics & Upholstery Shops repairing and/or restoring a variety of indoor & outdoor furnishings along with a few choice items such as the Popcorn Machine & Soda Fountain Salvaged when the Cinema in Chora was re-cast as an Indoor Bazaar...Giving the girls an excuse to revisit Chora,where,among Many other things,they purchased a nice range of upholstered Klinai Benches,Ottomans & Settees to fill the Playhouse's wide hallways. // Which was a rather long introduction to the 'Hall of Mirrors' scene outside the second story Bathroom,where the newly-arrived Humpahos & I were stripping-down and queuing-up for Chores,dumping our Clothes off in any of the many convenient Mirror-topped Dressers' drawers spaced between the Bench Seating. Nancy-Jo looked up from untying her shoes,giggled,"Helloooo Mister Pudstone"!,(= My hitherto Secret 'Kissing Cousin' nickname.) and spanned into a broadly mischievous grin as she reached out to put a firm wank on the boney,"God,I missed you"! "I hope you're talking to Me"?,I jibed. Her Mischief swiftly shifted to Devilment,"It's 'bout Fifty-Fifty,Cuz; Sometimes I get Wet-Dreams thinkin 'bout lovin You and sometimes 'bout humpin This",while getting snappy with the tug job,"Find me when you're done with the newbies". "You found me first",I hunched into her strokes with Stripperesque Dance moves,"Wanna show 'em what they're in for"? Nancy-Jo nodded with lecherously unhurried provocativeness,then sniggered,"Cum Galore is what yer in for",as she launched a naughty edition of Story Time,"Even back when he had like Three hairs down there Danny could bust bigger nuts than any guy I Ever met. Spent most'a my Sixteenth Summer 'pletely Dick-Drunk..."..... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Pulse - Disc II)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature