TRP - Plane/Bus/Magic Carpet

..."Holidays in Eden".... 2230hours: Keying the Mic twice when prompted at the conclusion of Kythera's ATIS(Automated Terminal Information Service) Broadcast switched on the Airfield lighting for 15minutes,a process that could be repeated as many times as required by incoming & outbound Aircraft. This was the first time we'd activated it,and couldn't help but note that the Runway & Tarmac Markings had been laid down using the type of reflective paints Kythera should've been applying on their shoddy Roads. Civic Improvements aside,it was nice to see the Skymasters parked out on the South-West Sod to make room for us among the assorted 6-Pack of Civilian Aircraft filling the Ramp. "Glad we missed Rush-Hour",Pimiento quipped with a nod towards the same scene I was taking-in,"You've got 15 percent flaps". "15 percent",I echoed while throttling-back,"I like the look of it,Hun. That NDB is gonna draw even more Traffic here,and before long that Traffic-Flow will draw Airport Businesses here". "A couple of decent Bathrooms is all I'm asking for",Pimiento mused glibly. // Jan was waiting for us beside the Tin Shack housing the Flight Service Station. The girls had repainted the Bedford Bus Avlemonas Blue with a White Roof. It was a handy set of wheels,as it seated 26 and the Caribou's maximum load was 27 Passengers. There was no crush on this ride,as we were traveling with 8 Papooses under the age of 7 and all but one of them(Ryan - Crystal's 4y/o Son.) had been lulled dozy by 5hours of droning Engines. The Kitchen,Bar & Dining Room areas in the Villa were now complete,but after dropping off a load of Luggage I was only allowed a cursory glance before Lanie captured my elbow and turned me around with a chuckled reminder that we had an Initiation Ceremony to Conduct. // Virginia was still Conducting her Rascally scene,and now that she knew,'The Rest Of The Story',Mi'Chelle entered into some frisky,hand-swapping negotiations with Allison concerned with Co-Mothering a Future Family. Virginia was pleased to pitch-in her Services as well,tickling Mi'Chelle's kinky-bone with the visual Connections to Her Daughter/My Wife the rest of us had already made. They pounced on her without delay,wheedling at Virginia to give them a Dozen Brothers & Sisters in the manner of kids gone a little crazy in the Toy Department..... (Currently Listening To : KIZZ : Love Gun)
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