TRP - Matchmaking

..."If you want it,here it is,come and get it".... 'Rascally' was a form of playfulness the Mom Squad adopted for our Holiday when they couldn't help but overhear Big John Connelly loudly accusing Mi'Chelle of trying to 'Trap' him into Marrying her through Pregnancy. They'd spent a good part of the day taunting her along the same lines of my,"Is that what you're Wishing"?,query,and those bantering provocations had taken solid root in the big,bouncy Blonde's Sexual Psyche in terms of charging herself to undertake a personal challenge akin to launching a Heroic Quest in search of a Child. // Back to the Now; Mi'Chelle was 'There'. It knocked her for a Slow Loop to hear me diagnose her Cycle,then she spun-out on the courteous brand of silent lecherousness I displayed in agreement with the terms of her Wishes. She was a sturdy girl; Standing 6foot,1inch on bare feet & weighing-in at 190 Voluptuous pounds,Mi'Chelle was molded closely along the lines of Allison..A fact my Mother-in-Law Victoria was keen to exploit as she'd taken the lead-roles in Recruiting & Seducing the wannabe Mom knowing full-well I would make the same connections with a solid probability of falling into the 'What if' Fantasy Scenario Victoria was eagerly espousing. The details of it were lost on Mi'Chelle,who had not yet met,nor heard rumors of my Gender-Bending Wife. On it's own merits it put a kinky shiver up her spine to hear my Mother-in-Law preening with pride for the fat baby bulging her belly I'd Fathered for her. That,'For Her',tweaked Mi'Chelle's noggin immensely. None of the guys she'd Dated had done much For Her; Big John Connelly was just the latest installment of disrespectful guys she'd developed a bad habit of falling for. Ably backed by the Mom Squad,Victoria had done a magnificent job of Matchmaking. Mi'Chelle was savvy enough to decipher most of their motives and eager enough for Change to accept them without reservations.... (Currently Listening To : Jimi Hendrix : Electric Ladyland)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature