TRP - "That sounds like..Summer School".

Van Halen : Cathedral : playz.... Gitte was a courteous intruder,re-making the bed & etc before emerging from my room toting a laundry basket on her hip,"Am I smelling Pizza"? Ivy spouted a short,sharp laugh,then pointed to the front door,"I know what Woof's smellin; Best set them funky sheets out on the stoop". It didn't do much good. Gitte had not bothered to shower and my Instincts were gaining leverage on my Moral Conscience. "So,what did y'all fight about"?,Ivy inquired when Gitte stepped behind the Bar to grab a Spezi-Cola. "My Sex is too big for Andrew",the Nymphette admitted without an iota of shame. 'Pfffft'!,"We can fix that,Easy",Ivy bounced right back,"Just gotta teach ya how to work them cootchie-muscles". "I'll have a talk with Andrew",I pitched-in to distract when Gitte laid hungered eyes on me,"School him how to meet you half-way". "But he's afraid..." I held up a halting hand that quieted her immediately,"He also has sex-muscles that grow stronger with exercise". Gitte rebounded with uncharacteristic verve,"Andrew is afraid I'm going to mix with the older girls and leave him". "I can't imagine him feeling any better about you mixing with me"?,I broadcast on Philosophical airwaves. Gitte sprouted an Uber-Mischievous,Buck-Toothy grin,"He dared me to wait here for you"? Ivy was at my ear in a heartbeat,whispering,"What's the 'Age of Consent' in Germany"? "Fourteen",I answered out-loud,"As long as their Partner's under Twenty-Four". "So..",Ivy swung around and claimed my lap,"..What'cha thinkin 'bout the newbie"? "Devil on my left shoulder says Gitte's scent is nothing like a little girl's and is Super Sexcited to find out just how 'Big' she is..Angel on the right says I should wait until I'm in a calmer mood to play Teacher". "Play Teacher",Gitte echoed merrily,"That sounds like fun". "That sounds like..Summer School",I bantered friskily,"Fetch your Passport from Home. Your Weekends belong to me". Gitte put a 'Punny' twist on her counter-quip,"I belong to you on the Weekends",slipped into a devious grin and drummed her fingers on the Bar,"That leaves us Forty minutes,Ja"?..... (Currently Listening To : Alan Parsons Project : Pyramid)       
Topics: Incredastory, Mature