TRP - "Heyyyyyyyyy"!? "Hey What"!?

..."I ain't foolin myself now. All I know is what I feeeeel".... Heavy Hooters pressing nipples into my back,Ivy hung on my ear to whisper,"Got ya to myself",then pirouetted around front to take my left hand with a wee bow,beaming me a loving smile as she backed into reverse displaying an acre of cleavage. I raised the Glass in my right hand,"This is not my last Beer",then downed the rest. Quipping,"Fine by me",Ivy turned and towed me out the back door at the Jog,"Got any Pizza in your freezer"? "Yup". She released my hand and broke into a sprint,giggling,"Race ya there"!,about six strides into her head-start. That was roughly the margin of Ivy's victory,turning to pose as if ready to catch me as I slowed to pull the keys from my pocket,"I Love watching you run"! Grinning lecherously,she fish-hooked a belt-loop and slewed me around to the Man Cave's door,"I Love runnin knowin you're watchin",took advantage of my hands being full and helped herself to a frisky mauling of the jolley boney,"Almost as much as I Loooooove snoozin with this planted 'tween my ass-cheeks..Talk 'bout yer Red-Hot dirty dreams"! "Go ahead. Talk about 'em"?,I teased as Ivy muscled me inside maintaining firm contact with the rise in my Levi's. "Match-Up",her Brown eyes collected Golden highlights,"Nympho-Maniac versus Slutty Buddy...No Cryin Uncle". "Raunchy Wrestling,hunh"?,I challenged bawdily,clicked the deadbolt and dropped my hand to finger a deeper crease into Ivy's cameltoe,"OK..I call the Bathtub for our First Round". "Good Call",she thrummed resonantly,bobbed-in to lay a sweet kiss on my lips,then quickly backed away with my Pilsner Glass in hand and strolled into the Kitchen,"I'll pour us a Beer; You load us a Bowl". // When I switched the bedroom light on,Gitte moaned and rolled over on my bed,ducking her head under the  covers,"Heyyyyyyyyyy"!? "Hey What"!?,I countered sharply. Hosting a sheepish grin,Gitte sat up clutching the covers to her chest,"Whoopso...We had a fight and I,ummmm?...Sorry". "Lassen Sie mich und meine Bett aus Ihren gamaschen heraus Weg! Erhalten Sie angekleidet un gehen Sie auf bis zu Ihren eigenten Cube".(Leave me and my bed out of your spats! Put some clothes on and go on up to your own Cube.),I backed out and closed the door. "Who you talkin German to"?,Ivy inquired. "Gitte". "Andrew's Train Girl"? "Yup. They got into a fight,so she got into my Stash and the Toy Box". "Kids these days"?,Ivy chortled,"I didn't pull my first 'Grudger' 'til I'z Eighteen"!..... (Currently Listening To : Various Artists : Windows Media Playlist - '80'$ Plu$')     
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