TRP - "No Ugly Americans Live Here".

The Alan Parsons Project : Hyper-Gamma Spaces : playz.... 2245hours: The Black Sheep Pub was Rocking-out when the Star Cruiser delivered us to the Reservation. Professor Karl's Students had established a Tent Village between the Quarry Pond & Tree-line,adjacent to the Trail-head leading to the Dig. They were told to 'Make themselves at-home' while using the Facilities in the Guy's A-Frame,and that's exactly what they did after pooling their resources to make a run for Party Supplies. Standing at the Bar,Phillip-aka-'Mister I Hate America',slapped the Professor's arm and pointed me out before ambling over to make the clasp,"You confuse me". "Not on purpose",I assured him breezily. "Farms",he returned quickly,"Why do you buy Farms"? "Ah",I nodded and steered him back towards the Bar,"We buy Failed Farms; Repossession Sales to Foreign Nationals are made directly through the BZSt(=BundesZentralamp fur Steuer - Federal Central Office for Taxes.),so Your Government is able to recover every Phennig of Debt owed on the Property..None lost to pay Realtor's Fees". "It's land taken out of Cultivation",Phillip snapped-back briskly. "Only what we reserved here for a Grass Airstrip",I informed him as the Sea Dog slid a Bottle of Wolf Hefewiessen & matching Logo Pilsner Glass with a slice of Lemon on the rim towards me,"Our Neighbors in Darstadt are Cooperatively Farming Six Hectares(15 Acres.) of Land we donated to the Township". Phillip beamed me a thoughtful look as I began the careful pour,"They say you did the same thing on Kythera"? "Yup..After it worked so well,here". "Why? What are you hoping to gain"? "A better image than the one people like you hold towards us",I sent him a rather harsh stare,"Look around Phillip; No Ugly Americans Live Here...Prosit". He clinked glass,"Prosit",then tipped-up to chug his mug..... (Currently Listening To : Blue Oyster Cult : Agents Of Fortune)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature