TRP - Homeward Bound

..."The journey Home is never too long. Your heart arrives before the Train".... 1445hours: The girls who escorted the Delivery Crew to the Ferry Pier returned from Agia Pelagia aboard the Beach Shuttle loaded with dozens of potted Almond,Fig,Lime,Navel Orange,Pear,Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Saplings. The Candy Dates immediately bailed on returning to Giebelstadt because they saw those Saplings as a neat opportunity to pitch-in on improving the Groves by creating a 'Fruit Park'. A few more of our Civilian Guests caught the Humpaho Home Improvement contagion and decided to stick around,causing a shift in plans whereby Jan,Lola & Pimiento would be Piloting Caribou 015 on a Solo Flight Home bearing myself & 24 Passengers. // 1730hours: The Sun was laying long shadows when we toted our bags aboard the Beach Shuttle and trundled over to the Airfield,then teamed-up to give 015 a thoroughly detailed Pre-Flight Check in Last Light. Ivy & I stood by the Fire Extinguisher Carts until the Engines smoothed out,then rolled them back to the Flight Service Station Shack and jogged to board our Flight Home. Dogging the Hatch and punching the intercom to call,"ALL CLEAR"!,I flopped into the seat beside Ivy and buckled-up while Lola & Pimiento Taxied to stick the Caribou's nose into the Sea-Breeze for Departure on Runway 20. I dozed-off about 10 minutes after Take-Off,stirring only once when Ivy pulled a blanket over us and backed into me to form a snuggly Spoon while we were climbing to Cross the Alps..... (Currently Listening To : Elton John : 11-17-70)   
Topics: Incredastory, Mature