TRP - Holidays In Eden

Carlos Santana : Samba Pa Ti : playz.... Now that plans were being made to increase our presence at the Groves Annebelle reminded me that Captain Pete was babysitting a 3/4ton Dodge Weapons Carrier & 26seat Bedford Bus for us on Tinos. Bringing them to Kythera was going to be a time-consuming hassle requiring a Ferry Ride to Mainland Greece for transfer to a second Ferry that would Sail for Agia Pelagia. Rather than asking Pete & Karis to waste 3 days round-trip delivering our Vintage Wheels,Annika,Imoan,Jessica-Two & Molly Crowe decided to board the Afternoon Ferry to Piraeus and meet them halfway,where Karis' Daughter Micca would join them for her move-into the Groves to Oversee the Reservation; Thereby pulling a 'Disappearing Act' before her Ex-Husband(The Lichnaftia Bull.) was released from Prison. The delivery crew would then hang-out with Allison & the Prinnies to help putting the final touches on the Villa. // The girls had many good reasons to be psyched. The Tribe was gearing-up to make regular weekend commutes between Giebelstadt,which between the Army Airfield & adjacent Township held Twice the population of Kythera's Landmass. Though we hadn't done much sightseeing,Kythera was chock-full of Natural Wonders,Quaintly Picturesque Villages & Historic Locations stretching back to the Stone-Age. We could afford to dawdle about checking out the scenes at our leisure between Tourist Seasons when the Local Guides had the time to spend telling Cool Stories that didn't fit so neatly in their patterned,Production-Line Spiels. We could afford to dawdle about in the Sun,tanning our fannies far from prying eyes beside Fresh and Salt Waters. There was plenty of space to grow Herb where it was no Crime to grow Herb..Or Distill Moonshine from Peyote. As best we could discern,there was only about a Dozen outsiders who knew about the Groves,and pretty-much the only reason they knew was because the Phone Number was required for 'Point-of-Contact' on our Military Border Crossing Documents..... (Currently Listening To : Toto : Hydra)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature