TRP - 'Reservation for Supper' ~ Foil

1~ Foil v. To prevent from being Successful; Thwart. -- 2~ Foil n. 1)A thin,flexible leaf or sheet of metal. 2)One that by contrast enhances the distinctive characteristics of another. 3)An Airfoil. 4)A Hydrofoil. -- 3~ Foil n. A light Fencing Sword having a usu. circular Guard and a thin,flexible Blade.... They were either Careless,Stupid,or Supremely Confident using Military Phones to pass their Alerts & Warning Messages to Klan Affiliates throughout Europe that Giebelstadt's 'Wrecking Crew' had been Busted. Whichever proved to be the case,the Nooses they never expected were rapidly drawing around those Phone Terminals and the Ropes were due to be snatched tight Tuesday Morning at 0815 hours,Local.(0715zulu) In the Pantheon of KKK hatred,Catholics had always solidly held Third Place,led only by Blacks(1st) & Jews(2nd). The Klan was accustomed to confronting the Challenges of their Primary & Secondary Opponents,which customarily were brought to bear upon them in the Court-System. A concerted Tactical Strike across the length & breadth of Europe and along the few tentacles stretching back to the 'States would Wound the Klan Horrendously...And I was selected to be the 'Face behind the Foil' of a Catholic Crusade. As this entailed a few additional risks,I felt compelled to pass it by the girls,who swiftly concluded that it was the same set of risks we'd always been facing and probably always would,so it made little matter to them in the Grander Scheme of shutting-down other 'Wrecking Crews' that were turning other People's Lives into the Living Hell the Black Sheep had been fortunate enough to escape from. // The Brass had witnessed our pow-wow without comment,after which their collective moods lightened considerably. What could be done Had been done,and the rest of it for them was merely a matter of marking time before the next round demanded their attention. Those tracing the Telephone connections were working in-conjunction with the FBI,who were weighing the Security-Risks of those holding Security Clearances slipping through the net when they set the 'Launch' at 0715zulu. Though they hadn't been openly implicated,it was a foregone conclusion that ties had been forged between the Klan & sympathetic 'Skin Heads',and it was feared that Classified Information would be a useful commodity traded for Sanctuary and/or Safe Passage to America..... (Currently Listening To : Foreigner : Complete Greatest Hits)       
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Woof II
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  • December 6, 2017
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