TRP - 'Reservation for Supper' ~ 'call-to-action'

The Alan Parsons Project : Lucifer : playz....  Except for the Big Chief & Cobra-227,who were dressed in Flight Coveralls,the rest of the Brass hung their Class-A Uniform Jackets by the door,loosened their Ties and took stools at the Bar. After I cajoled him into taking a wee taste-test,even Chaplain Doherty had to agree that UHU Pilsner matched the Smoked Mackerel Dip's palate,so I drew him a Half-Pint to see him through the Appetizers,then settled in across from our Guests over the big sink to peel & vein 12kilos(25pounds) of 16-20count 'Jumbo Shrimp'. Major Caldwell wore a slick smile while opining,"Simmons,it takes an Acre of balls to stand up to the IG like you..." "Hadley's not the IG,he's the IG's Aide",I swiftly corrected,"I hope you noted that he bore no hint of remorse when I confronted him"? "I did",the Provost leaned into a lop-sided grin,"I suspect he's operating under the assumption that his Staff-Position offers him Protection". "pfffft! He had to know it was fixing to boomerang on him",Cobra-227 pitched-in with a wry smile,"He probably tagged-along with us hoping to find a Diplomatic way out of it until Woof refused to play nice..Man,I mean to tell y'all; It was hard for me to keep a straight face when Woof offered to lend him a Genuine Hari-Kari Knife"! "Acre of balls; Like I said",Caldwell hopped back in,"You don't act like that in front of Big Brass unless you Know you're right in the depths of your Soul...I'm sold". "Me,too",the Provost swung a piercing look my way,"He who makes Kittens puts Snakes in the Grass". I nodded crisply upon receiving the Nightwatchman's call-to-action,"What can I do for you,Sir"? "Major Fendi and Lieutenant Lee are due to arrive at Frankfurt at 0245,local. You are not to be seen until the Three of you to Report to my Office in your finest Hero-Grade Class-A's at Precisely 0815". "Yes,Sir". He lightened-up measurably while flashing me a wink,"You're a clever guy,Woof; What do you read into that time-line"? I glanced at my watch,"Fendi and Lee left Dallas about Six hours ago"..... (Currently Listening To : KIZZ : Rock'n'Roll Over)
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