TRP - 'Reservation for Supper' ~ "..'20 Questions'"?

The Alan Parsons Project : Genesis Ch.1 V.32 : playz.... "What's with the Pink Pirate Flag"?,General Howell squeezed the next question in. "That's the Women's compound,Sir..Sovereign Territory..Sanctuary". "And this"?,he made a broad wave. "Woofhausen; Boys-Town and Guest Village. Most of the guys are away away at work,so we're Dining in their Pub..Which reminds me; Where are those Groceries"? "Oh Yeah"!,Chaplain Doherty went into his pocket while awkwardly shuffling towards the trunk. "Pub"?,General Howell continued,"Guest Village?..Sounds like you're pretty well-off for a Platoon of Soldiers"? "The guys were living in the Barn's Loft until a few weeks ago. Everything you see here is Super-Duper Energy-Efficient Pre-Fabricated Housing-Units..But the Germans don't like these Styles. They're all-over the Miniature A-Frames Fabrik Haus builds,so they cut us a helluva sweet deal to clear their Warehouse Space. Because they're Super-Duper Energy-Efficient Pre-Fabricated Housing-Units Made In Germany,they qualify for a number of Incentive Plans. The way it shook-out,the one-bedroom Cottages cost 6-Month's 'Single,Unaccompanied' Enlisted Housing Allowance. 8-month's for a two-bedroom Cabin..If two guys split the cost,it's only 4-month's,each..Then there's a couple of Married Couples among us who Made Money on the Deal"! "Well,that answers That"!,the Provost guffawed,"Who's next-up for '20 Questions'"? "Still on me,I'm afraid",General Howell cracked a thin smile,"I'm thinking you would've wasted my boys if they came through that fence..Am I Right"? "No,Sir! We would've had enough time,open-space and bullets to take their legs out". "Yeah-Buddy"!,the Big Chief was sporting a sportive smile,"He's actually done that before"! "SAY WHAT"!? ..... (Currently Listening To : A Flock Of Seagulls : We are the 80's {WalMart $5 Bin Compilation})
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