TRP - 'Reservation for Supper' ~ "I can't condone that.."

..."As we re-live our lives in what we tell you".... Already angry,Hadley went livid when the Provost's Aide,Major Caldwell,and Chaplain Doherty both refused to give him a lift back to Wurzburg's Leighton Barracks in the Staff Cars they'd driven to the Reservation. I believe it galled Hadley even more to be left with few other options than the one I'd given him,but hiking down that hill was definitely going to be a part of it,(Claiming a single grain of Victory,he would phone a work-mate for a ride from the Bus Stop.) and he now knew that walk was going to be witnessed by the same people who were preparing to heap more indignities upon him. As we watched him begin that stroll,Chaplain Doherty inquired,"Why is that shot-up Mustang on your Lawn"? "Non-Verbal Communications,Padre; That's our 'No Trespassing' sign". "Tell him how it got there,Woof"?,the Big Chief challenged on lightly jocular airs. "Yes,Sir..That was my Brother's Car. He showed up here one night with a load of his drunken Combat Engineer buddies thinking the girls were interested in having sex with Real Men. When they refused to take 'No' for an answer I decided to punctuate it in terms easier for them to grasp". "Your Brother"?,the Chaplain bemoaned. "Ashamed to say so,Padre. His Battle-Cry was 'Bro's before Ho's'",I recounted sadly,"Hence the need for severe punctuation". First murmuring,"Simmons..Engineers",Major Caldwell inquired,"Wasn't he part of that gang that Spray-Painted Graffiti all over the Eagle's Nest"?(Hitler's former Bunker Complex at Berchtesgaden.) "Once again; I'm ashamed to say so,but..Yes". In a knee-jerk sort of reaction,the Provost issued a short,sharp whistle,"I remember that Case! What strings did you pull to get him out of That Fix"? "None,Sir",I answered candidly,"A few of our Civilian friends acted on their own initiative". "Why didn't you didn't use your Diplomatic Connections to get him off"? "He Desecrated a German National Monument with Swastika's,Sir. I can't condone that sort of Ass-Holiness..Even from my Brother"..... (Currently Listening To : Thin Lizzy : Live And Dangerous)
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