TRP - 'Reservation for Supper' ~ "Take a Hike,.."

"The General scratches his belly and thinks; His pay is good but his Officer's stink".... The Big Chief phoned ahead from VII Corps Provost Marshall's Office to get our approval before he invited 'The Brass' he was working with to the Reservation for Supper. We hadn't began moving in the direction of the Kitchen yet,so I placed my hand over the mouthpiece and took a quick Poll of the girls around me in the A-Frame,then got back with him and gave him the thumb's-up along with directions to Wurzburg's Waldhaus,so he could pick up the Butcher's Order I was preparing to phone-in. After making that call,the girls & I busied ourselves with moving Groceries,Spices & our favorite Cooking Utensils to the Kitchen in the guys' A-Frame,where we felt it was much safer to Host this impromptu shindig. // My fuse was lit during the stroll out to greet them when I recognized Captain Hadley from the Inspector General's Office,now wearing the shoulder Braid of an Aide on the IG's Staff. He was lowest in Rank,thus the last in line for the round of introductions. His plastic smile melted when I refused to shake his hand,"It's possible you don't recognize me,so I'll refresh your memory; In October of 1981,when I was a Mosquito-Wing Private serving as Giebelstadt's Facility Chief,I hand-delivered a series of Complaints to you concerning the unlawful activities of the Troops assigned to Giebelstadt's ADA Battery. I told you at that time that there were indications Information was being withheld from the Chain-of-Command...What Actions did you take"? "Oh,you'd better not answer that Here",the Provost grumbled menacingly,"Report to my Office tomorrow at 0800. Bring all pertinent Files..And Legal Counsel". When Hadley shot me an angry glare I eased-off on my own scowl,"Would you like to borrow an Official Japanese Harakiri Knife,or a Pistol"? Grumbling,"Screw you",he turned to leave,and just as quickly I took hold of his shoulder and slewed him back around to face me; "Your negligence allowed those Klansmen to orchestrate a War between 400 Grunts and the 22 of us living in the Ghetto just as surely as if you'd been actively Colluding with them. If you're not behind bars by this time tomorrow you're gonna know the fear of living on constant Alert". Hadley's face went Red,"Don't threaten me"! I waved-him-off,"Don't imagine anything violent,Captain Lazybones. These girls will want you to share the constant embarrassment of unwanted advances and crude sexual innuendo's they've had to suffer while you sat on your privileged ass for the last Nineteen Month's doing absolutely nothing to end their Nightmare...The Taxi-stand is at the bottom of the Hill,two blocks beyond the Bus Stop. Do you need to borrow 20 Marcks"? "Listen to me,you piddly little.." "FOUR WOMEN WERE RAPED BECAUSE OF YOU"!,I cut him off crassly,"If you don't want a taste of THAT,too you'd best be beating feet off MY Property"! "Yo",the Provost smirked facetiously as his thumb motioned towards the 'Cut,"Take a Hike,Captain Hadley"..... (Currently Listening To : Deep Purple : Machine Head)
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