TRP - '..a surplus of righteous indignation..'

..."Pleased to meet you,have you guessed my name? But what's confusing you is the nature of my game"....  1600hours: I'd always called Giebelstadt a 'Human Zoo'. I was incensed beyond the harshest definitions of Anger to learn it was actually being maintained in that condition by a couple of Old-School Bigots who were getting sick thrills pitting their 2 least-favorite groups against one-another; Black Males v/s All Females who dared put on a 'Man's Uniform. In it's Simplest & Nastiest Form; Battery Sergeant-Major Burns was sentencing his Troops to Company Punishment for Crimes that frequently merited Courts-Martial proceedings. His old buddy Richardson was sweeping the Paperwork under the rug after Burns had passed it under the nose of Lieutenant-Colonel Drummond,a 'Figurehead' who so loathed the tedium of Paperwork that he Rubber-Stamped his own Signature without reading,or,as a general rule,even inquiring into what he was Authorizing.(see: 'Fool'.) Company Punishment entailed up-to 90 days Restriction to the Post,and it's wide-scale use meant that many of the Grunts were deprived of the chance to visit the Local Bordellos for some time,which placed the Female Soldiers residing on-Base in a constant state of jeopardy from pent-up Testosterone.  // There was more to it than the sexual angles. The 3rd Avn brought a lot of Privately Owned Vehicles to Giebelstadt when they Transferred from Kitzingen. The Grunts were not content with merely breaking into them,trashing many of the Pilot's Cars(Identifiable as belonging to Officers through Blue-numbered Base Security Stickers.) for the sheer Spite of doing the dirtiest deed they could to those who were better-off than themselves. Muggings had increased to the point where the Troops from 3rd Avn generally moved about the Base in groups of 4,or more,even during daylight..But the hardest lessons in 'Thuggery' were learned by the Stoners,who had voluntarily placed themselves in no position to report on the thievery & beatings they endured at the hands of opportunistic,pitiless,street-savvy Grunts. // Major-General Howell,Commanding 32nd AADCOM took a massive blow to his Pride when the Big Chief delivered the Mass of Evidence that had been withheld from him,and,much to his credit,he immediately sensed the injustice of the barbed-wire enclosure surrounding Giebelstadt's Female Barracks. Filled with a surplus of righteous indignation,General Howell immediately sacked Lieutenant-Colonel Drummond,then went through VII Corps Provost for the Approval required to redress the remaining balance of Ass-Holiness. Sergeant-Majors Burns & Richardson were heading to face General's Courts-Martial for the sickening parts they'd played as Puppet-Masters. Though they had been led into the World-of-Shit,there was no reasonable excuse for the Rocket Jockey's Barbarity & Lack of Military Bearing,so the pair of Brick Barracks were to be segregated by Unit,instead of Rank. His Troops would get a severe taste of life inside the Wire..It was termed 'Remedial Training',but for all practical purposes General Howell was placing his Boot on the Grunts' collective throats in a jailhouse environment and he wasn't going to ease the pressure until he felt they'd paid Full Price for the Reign-of-Terror they'd been enjoying. Giebelstadt's small PX Annex,Class VI(Liquor Store),Bowling Alley,Theater,Snack Bar & 'Giebel People Inn(All-Ranks Club) were Declared Off-Limits. The Grunts would March to-and-from the Barbershop,Gym,Messhall,Motorpool & ADA Battery Compound,regardless of Weather conditions..For the now,they would stand fast at their Fieldsite above Gaukonigshofen until the Facility Engineers could complete securely caging the Predators apart from their Prey..... (Currently Listening To : Queen : A Night At The Opera)       
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