TRP - Common Cause ~ one

..."We'll turn it round and round and round and round and round...".... Studying Sergeant-Major Richardson as he staggered off towards the BEQ,the Big Chief growled,"Officer's Call",then turned to me,"Find Cobra-227. I want him in on this,too". Acknowledging,"Yes Sir",Dana & Jan escorted me to the Midway where he was last seen waiting for the final batch of Candied Cashews to Roast. 227 was still there at the Booth,standing over a crate of Tucher Pils(ner) he was also aiming to tote back to his Quarters in the BOQ. Upon receiving the Officer's Call,his shoulders slumped like a grumpy teener's,"Aw,Dammit..The Braves are playing the Cubs at Wrigley". "No problemo",I sought to cure his Blues,"We've got a 48inch in the Roadie Cruiser",then caught a whiff of steam and peeked over the counter,"How many of those have you spoken-for"? "Half a Kilo". I placed a claim on the rest of the batch,then shared Richardson's tale with 227 as Jan jogged-off to clear the Roadie Cruiser for our meeting. "I just don't get it,Man",227 shook his head somberly,"With the Exchange-Rate going through the roof those Grunts can get laid for like Ten Bucks..Ten Bucks!..I mean,there's room for that in every Soldier's Budget". "Makes too much sense",I mused wryly,"I'm guessing it's beyond their combined abilities to figure that out". "Used to see it alla time when I was an MP",Dana pitched-in,"Macho-Men Never pay for it". // When we made the climb to the Roadie Cruiser's upper deck the Game was on AFN,the Cubs were at Bat in the Bottom of the First Inning trailing by One with a Runner on Second and Poppa Bear wasn't leaving me any wiggle room when he pushed a box of Poker Chips into my chest,"Winner calls the Deal. Hundred Dollar Minimum buy-in". "I'll take 500",I chuckled while reaching for my Wallet. When we were out & about fetching Cobra-227 Lola convinced the Big Chief to expand the Officer's Call to include the MP Louie and Captain Bedford,Executive Officer of Echo Company,3rd Aviation Battalion(UH-60 Blackhawks) & Senior Officer residing within the wire at Giebelstadt's Female Compound. The Captain was evidently no Fan of mine,passing me a snide look before handing Poppa Bear her Cash,"I'm in for 200". "This is gonna be fun",Gidget snickered as she scootched along the Cushions to sit besides Cousin Joe,"Are you up for a side-bet,Sergeant-Major"? "Uh..That depends on what ya got in mind"? He grew the Grinch's Grin while Gidget shielded her whisper from lip-readers,then chortled,"OK,You're On",as she returned to face forward..... (Currently Listening To : The Rolling Stones : 40 Licks - Disc 1) 
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