TRP - Tout Rank/Suite

Yoshiki : Black Diamond (KIZZ Cover - Orchestrated Instrumental) : playz....  Mark Stern was gone,and though he was forced to mop up his Bile before he was escorted off the Airfield,his stench remained to haunt the Dance for another 20minutes until a couple of Aviation Mechanics spread a bag of POL(Petroleum,Oil,Lubricants) Absorbent on the stained Hangar deck..And were gratefully hailed as Heroes. It was a 'Dance',featuring toe-tapping Pop/Rock as opposed to the Concert Atmosphere we'd fostered on Friday. That is in no way meant to imply that we were 'Going Bubblegum'. For example: Paul McCartney & Wing's 'Junior Farm' was treated as-if it was performed by The Clash without losing any of it's rhythmic appeal to shaking Booty's,a tune which we took straight into 'Train In Vain',causing feet & other body-parts to move at brisker paces which also pleased the Head-Bangers. // Funk,Motown & Reggae predominated our Second Set. As Midnight approached we wound-them-down during the Third with Ballads & a few lengthy Jazzy tunes masquerading as Slow-Dances such as Traffic's 'Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys' & Santana's 'Europa'; Which we stretched like Taffy into a series of Bridges that gave everybody a lead-role in the Spotlight during our final 37minutes on Stage. // They had improved the Parking situation,but couldn't do much to improve the flow of traffic along the 2-Lane roads leading Off-Base. An unfortunate side-effect of our decision to wait-out the Jam was the opportunity it gave Post Sergeant-Major Richardson to make an ass of himself by echoing the MOTARDS's lamest excuse of an Alibi that the girls had been,"..asking for it". The Big Chief Stepped between us and Ordered the Drunken Sergeant-Major to Attention while he calmly challenged him to explain why,out of the Thousands of people that had driven down that Road during the course of the day,"..Only THAT Particular Truck-Load of Assholes saw a Girl's Volleyball Game an Invitation to Fuck"?..... (Currently Listening To : The Alan Parsons Project : I Robot)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature