TRP - Stern's Stand

..."S-A-T-U-R-D,A,Y..NIGHT"!.... 1945hours: It was a winning formula,so we followed the same steps and held a Dress Rehearsal Party in the guy's A-Frame before rolling the Mini-Motors Convoy to Giebelstadt's Main Hanger with just a few minutes to spare. We used those few minutes to Request Ochsenfurt's Bierfest Band play 'The Chicken Dance' to end their Set,then plugged-in and switched on to chime-in along with them until they were done and we roused the cheering crowd to follow the Humpaho's example of clapping in-time before we hit them with the Zydeco sounds of Wide Boy Awake's Chart-climbing single 'Chicken Outlaw'. "Told y'all to bring your Dancing Shoes"!,I reminded them before grabbing Belle Jones to lead her on a 'Cajun Stomp' around the Stage. The tune was too catchy to be ignored,even by the Head-Bangers,who were instantly enthralled to find themselves in a Wonderland of bouncing boobs & shaking booty's. We weren't the only one's who'd overheated in that Hangar on Friday night; The better half of females in tonight's Audience were wearing Bikini tops and the remainder were dressed in lightweight varieties of Sun/Vacation clothes. Likewise,many of the guys were sporting Tank-tops or went bare-chested,and the Race-Crews were not wearing their Team Overalls. Belle dropped-off to take her seat at the keyboards as I skipped up to the Mic; Catching sight of an evil scowl glaring up at me,I stabbed a finger towards Mark Stern,"CHICKEN!..When-when I run a beat-a run ring right off a feet-a,even with two defeat-a,I run,I run around-a. Forever live and take it,forever give and fake it,and we got eyes to make it,even with two defeat-a..SING IT"! "OOOH,every time I lose my head! OOOH,every time I lose my head! OOOH,every time I lose my head! I forget my hips and lips and I give you a kiss instead"! "CHICKEN! No,no,CHICKEN OUT,hey,hey! CHICKEN! No,no CHICKEN OUT,hey,hey!..There's no fool like a young fool,there's no fool like a young fool,a red-hot read or write school,who wasn't clever,clever. He talked just like a Harpy,he played just like a sharp-A,and every day's so balmy,oh,he's so clever,clever.." Mark made the mistake of sending up a stiffly defiant middle finger and Cousin Joe promptly made him pay for that mistake by getting in his face to trade some angry words that were punctuated with a righteous Gut-punch that cleared a circle around the Former AFN News Anchor as he retched-up the contents of his stomach. // Mark Stern was suffering from a Delusion that I had pulled the strings that emptied The Armed Forces Radio & Television Service of Civilian Employees. Akin to many Egotistic Assholes,he was oblivious to the part he played in his own demise; To most Senior Officers & NCO's who had served during the Vietnam War,the 'Child Molesting' rabble-rousing Rhetoric Stern had spouted on the Airwaves against Thorny & I had conformed to the same formulaic 'Baby Killer' Propaganda they faced upon returning Home..And they weren't going to sit idly by and take it this time. Many of them were in positions to shut Mark Stern and those who countenanced his Hate-Mongering down,and they had done so without hesitation,pity,or remorse..... (Currently Listening To : Santana : Abraxas)        
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