The Alan Parsons Project : Lucifer : playz.... 1745hours: We were Breaking Camp around the ATC Office. Tokyo versus the rest of Japan were engaged in the final game of Water-Volleyball when a 'Deuce parked outside the Perimeter fence and unloaded more than a dozen Missile Battery Grunts who commenced spouting the standard,"Yo,Baby",pick-up lines with the added punctuation of whipping out their dicks and waving them at the Candy Dates & girls gathered around the Retention Pond..Who promptly pissed the Grunts off by laughing uproariously at their ridiculously lame antics as they retired across the Taxiway. The Big Chief responded to their volley of Beer & Liquor Bottles hurled over the fence by stepping out onto the Tower's Catwalk,identifying himself and warning the drunken Grunts that the MP's were en-route,but the MOTARD's(Military Jargon = MOre reTARDed By-Choice than Nature normally allows for Human affliction.) stood their ground and responded with a flock of flipping 'Birds',Grossly Insubordinate Derision and threats of Rape and/or Murder to all who wore the Army Signal Corps Patch on their Uniforms. Unfortunately for the MOTARD's,Bullitt had the sense to lean on the Intercom to the Tower's Door,recording every threatening word they said as they rallied to loop a rope through the chain-link fence preparatory to snatching it down with the 'Deuce. We did not 'Show' them,but my Bodyguards and I readied our Side-Arms & the BAR to resist the hostile invasion while the greater majority of the girls Locked themselves inside the ATC Offices. // Our defense became a moot point when the MOTARD's bowed-up to face the pincers of MP's & Polizei closing in to surround them,which swiftly turned into a sadly comedic episode of drunken,panicked Lunatics trying to escape a quartet of Aggressive K-9's set loose by the Polizei as they clambered onto the 'Deuce screaming for the driver to put it in gear. He promptly did and took down a section of Perimeter fence before plowing into the Polizei's K-9 Van; Both Offenses that,when added to their Insubordinate & Riotous attitudes,qualified every one of them for Long stays at Ft.Leavenworth. // The Big Chief,who,based on Giebelstadt's History,wasn't taking talk of Raping & Murdering his Troops with ANY measures of Forbearance or Pity,decided to stick around and take the Case directly to AADCOM(Army Air Defense COMmand) HQ at Darstadt. Three Strikes levied against the 8/43rd ADA Battery Commander's Leadership abilities in the span of the last week brought the combined pressures of 2 Major-Generals and VII-Corps' Provost Marshall to bear,forcing Lieutenant-Colonel Drummond to resign his Commission. His Executive Officer,Major Eversole,was handed Command and Ordered to maintain his Troops at the Fieldsite above Gaukonigshofen until which Time Cobra-227's Troops could vacate the Barracks shared with the Grunts and the Facility Engineers could raise a fence around it to Cage the Predatory Animals apart from the other inhabitants of Giebelstadt's Human Zoo. The Grunts would henceforth live in circumstances little short of a Correctional Custody Facility until the Battery received a Transfusion of 'New Blood' that would have to prove itself worthy before it earned a Longer Leash..... (Currently Listening To : Pablo Cruise : A Place In The Sun)
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