America, a "warm", safe place. Thank you Veterans!

Today I made a loaf of homemade cornbread, and it is delicious, if I dare say so myself.
While I made it, my brother hung around, and for 77 minutes he went on about how Mom and Dad lied to us about Santa Claus, and how it ruined his life and how he was the only one in school and how he argued with others, believe me, it was almost unbearable. I kept forgetting my measures, and lost count of how long I'd been stirring. A couple times I spouted off, "Like you're ruining my life right now?" LOL
But what got me the most, was that his complaining about the lies and injustice in them, got me thinking, "This isn't homemade cornbread. I didn't grow the corn, wheat or sugar cane, I didn't mill the corn, or the wheat, I didn't milk the cow, or gather the eggs, I didn't even have to pump the water. I didn't build a fire to cook it on. I didn't make the pottery to mix or cook in, none of it. All I did was paint, fix, clean, mow, dig, patch, sort parts, store parts, file, and things like that."
I think that little red hen was the one growing, harvesting, milling, gathering, milking, and building that fire. I just measured, poured, stirred, turned the knob to the right temp setting, and set the timer. Heck I think my ancestors did all the work. On the other hand, I hated turning on the oven knowing it was adding to the electric bill. I just got the tax statement yesterday, and I'm not a happy camper!
But as far as Santa Claus goes, I love 'im! He's awesome! Though it's too early to be talking about him.
This is Veteran's Day, we've haven't had Thanksgiving yet!
Do you know what Thanksgiving is about? That's a major celebration and should be. It's all about people, and loving and caring, for others, even if you don't know them, and it's about God, and how He's shed His grace on thee.
But, TODAY we thank our defenders, our vets! Thanksgiving, we thank the Lord God Almighty.
And if you want, let's have some homemade cornbread, this stuff's yummy, even if I sort-of didn't really make it myself. I do want take a line to thank the Little Red Hen, for all her efforts in preparing the ingredients for me.
Back when I bought them, they were about 1/2 the price they are now, what I used for this loaf, cost about $.75. At today's prices, this would cost me about $2.34, it now may be a good time to buy a ready made mix, but, if you buy a big bag of flour, a bag of cornmeal, a bag of sugar, dry eggs and dry milk now, you'll save in the long run, and this fake homemade is awesome simple! Even I can do it!
Happy Veteran's day you guys, thanks for your service, you all are awesome! God bless you and God Bless America!
I know these all don't quite mesh together, but when it's all woven together by God, they really do, and it really is wonderfully, awesome. Now if, as a nation, we could just get our focus back, and when we see that check our veteran's sign, "for an amount up to and including their life." We shouldn't hesitate to stand, to salute, and to honor them as the heroes they truly are.
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  • November 11, 2017
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