TRP - 'Steinbruch'

..."Kings and Queens and Guillotines"....  Among the many guests we were hosting for the weekend,Conny had brought Professor Karl,whom we first met with his Field-Tripping Anthropology Students on the Island of Kythera. He was a bit surprised to find the Quarry actually Was a Quarry,as in most terms of German usage 'Steinbruch' referred to any pile or concentration of Stones that could be used for building projects..In effect,it was one of the world's oldest recycling projects that contained a sad subtext of inadvertently erasing History with every Load removed to build Fireplaces,Garden Walls & etc.  Karl knew his stuff. He could could look into the crystal-clear waters and see the larger blocks of Granite that were being Mined when the Quarry flooded. He even put on a mask & fins and swam down to verify that they were a superior grade of Granite to the 'Flaky' Layers forming the Outcropping. He concluded that the Mason-work that was below water-level had been accomplished using Roman Techniques from the First Century,AD. The marks on the Outcropping,itself spoke of more Ancient times when advantage had been gained to split the Stones along natural fracture-lines..Which graced our artificial Waterfall with an irregular surface that generated an awesome Rainbow. // 1430hours: Karl had spent most of this Saturday out on a borrowed Moped,scouting the most likely places where those Stones might have been used..Or re-used. Finding none,he theorized that the larger Stones must've been taken to the River and Rafted away,but it boggled him to no end that there were no signs of the Locals using the Flaky Layers,which were simply Too Handy for practical people to ignore..For possibly 4-to-5,000 years. I listened to Karl tell the story related above between bites while he was munching a late Lunch of Brisket,Ribs & German Potato Salad,then dropped a Tactical Nuke between his ears,"You should've come to me sooner; I know where those Stones are". Squinting into the Sun behind me,he gawped,"Y-You Do"!? I pointed South,"3 Kilometers to Euerhausen on the B-19. There are Ruins of a 'Keep' in the Woodland to the East of the Stadmitte.(Downtown.) That's where you'll find the Larger Stones". Grinning as I shifted so he didn't have to squint,Karl followed my movements closely,"And the Smaller"? "Piled-up in what looks like a Fort to me..About a hundred paces into the Woods East of the Quarry". "Ja"!,he slapped the picnic table,"I should have spoken to you"!,picked up his Beer and sent it out for a 'clink' against mine,"I imagine we'll have much more to talk about in the future". I downed a quaff,then steadied my eyes on him,"We'll start with your promise to step lightly. I don't want random assholes wandering around my Property with Metal Detectors". "I don't want that either",Karl readily agreed as he rose to shake my hand,"I won't publish the location until we've completed our Dig". "Thank you..How will the German Government treat it if there proves to be a significant 'Find' in my Woods"? Karl scratched behind his ear,"So,you think it might be 'Significant'"? "I think it may be a significant Family Heirloom..I don't want to be cut-off from it". He morphed in a Human form of the puzzled RCA Dog,"A Future Heirloom"? I beamed him a charitable smile,"How much do you know about the Burial-Mound South of Darstadt,Professor"? Karl blinked rapidly before bearing-down on the proper File,"Mid 9th Century. Warlord..Scheisse!..Kriegsherr Der Kopf Des Wolf"! (..Shit!..The Wolf's Head Warlord!) "Ja..He's my Uber-Great-Grandfather"..... (Currently Listening To : The Cars : The Cars) 
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