Help me. I need to say something to Tony to convince him to join

Tony has garnered use of several of our songs and taken them national. He worked Green Country with me in the late ‘70s through the early ‘80s. In 1977 we did a tour covering northeast Oklahoma. We even took three weeks in 1978 to hit southeastern Oklahoma. That was a quite an experience, we even stayed three nights in Wheelock Mission where Rev. Alfred Wright, in the mid 1800s, translated Gospels and educational material into Choctaw.
Wheelock began as a boarding school for Choctaw girls, and was made a part of the Choctaw national school system in 1842, and closed it’s doors in 1955.
Wheelock Academy was the model academy for the five civilized tribes' academies. Very incredible history!

It was the Choctaw children's love of singing, that inspired Alfred Wright, in 1833, to revise the Choctaw Hymnbook, and add many new hymns, enlarging the collection to 123 hymns.
Knowing the history and the local lore, we thoroughly enjoyed our haunted stay.

Three of our best songs were written there, one each night.

I think I enjoyed it more than the others, I was the driver, the sound tech, the mechanic, the cook, the doctor, and assistant editor, I kind of forced that on them at first, but soon they were all asking me, where do I take this? My answer soon became, immortality, eternity, the end - whatever you believe in and fear.

I had the best times of my life.

I tried to order a flux capacitor from Amazon, 88 MPH is the easy part.
I wanted to go back in an implosion of plasma, and ride that ride one more time before I go.

Oh well, emo, fat, bald, old man - probably as old as the sun. ߘ
Just dug out the old demo, and it's the best country & western in the world. Damn just unbelievable how good Pam was on the keyboard. Goodtimes!~ Damn
I guess, without a DeLorean and a flux capacitor, I just gotta use my memory. Oh well fire up the Night Queen and kick back. Horrible fatigued today.
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