TRP - "Are ya Armed"? "Heavily".

Gary Hoey : Drive : playz.... 1030hours: Processing the Red-tape of Multiple Housing Sales put us behind schedule. We called the Reservation and had the Star Cruiser meet us in the Municipal Parking Lot so Amy,Anne,Heidi Aguirre`,Peppers,my Bodyguards & I could make the Road-Trip to RAF Gutersloh. En-route to the rendezvous,I made a surgical strike into Paulie's Hobby Shop and scored all three of the 1/72scale 'Cousteau's PBY' Plastic Model Kits made by Revell/Germany on his shelves. I handed one off to Anne's 13year-old Son Andrew when I boarded the Cruiser,"Limited Production Run. They don't sell these in America". "Oh wow..Thanks"!,he scoped out the Box Art,"It's a Dash-6; Just like yours". "With a little putty to re-contour the nose?..Exactly like mine". "Ya gotta show me how to do that"? "Sure,Man. Call me when you get there". Anne leaned over my shoulder to ask Andrew,"Where's Katrina"?(Her 11y/o Daughter.) Still studying the box,his thumb raised to motion,"All the girls went upstairs". Rolling her eyes,"Oh God",Anne nudged me down the aisle,"Giddyap-Go"! I caught her ear as she made a move to pass me at the circular staircase,"Calm Down. It's a Mom-Squad scene up there". "I know who's up there..",Anne's hand landed to put a soft squeeze on the boney,"..And I know what their favorite topic of conversation is,too". // Not today; Today they were topically occupied with the cute little Community we'd Conceived-of,Planned-out and Contracted-for before most of them finished their first Cup of Coffee...At roughly the same cost of a 3BR/2BA 2,000sqft. Home purchased anywhere near 'Army Base,U.S.A.'.($41,000) // 1315hours: Rolling North for a little over 2hours along the 7-A,44 & recently-laid sections of 33-Autobahn,Celeste guided Pearly to swing West at the end of the Construction Zone and followed the most picturesque route through the Region's charming 'Gingerbread' Farming Villages & the City of Gutersloh to the Gates of their Airbase,a few miles beyond. The RAF Police had us disembark so they could inspect the Cruiser for Contraband while checking our ID's. The Sergeant of the Guard sprouted a wry smile when Celeste explained why we had 17 Car Batteries,stacks of assorted Tires & a Dozen 5gallon Gas Cans strapped down in the Cargo-Bay..Finishing about 2.00027 seconds before one of his Troops called attention to the Badges flashed by my Bodyguards. Doing a classic 'double-take',he slid his glasses to the tip of his nose and studied the all-Female Detail,"Are ya Armed"? "Heavily",Jan answered curtly. He nodded just as curtly,"Then I'd best escort ya's lest one of our horny idgits gets his-mouthy-self shot tryin to pull them Triplets"..... (Currently Listening To : KIZZ : Double Platinum) 
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