The Rake's Progress - Going 'Green'

The Tornados : Telstar : playz.... Bertrand knew his Business. Harking to my insistence on Steeply-Pitched roofs to shed Winter Snows,he explained West Germany's 'Energie Sparer' Policies for new Home Construction,which were basically a series of Rebates & Tax Breaks that More than paid for upgrades to Advanced Insulation,Double-Paned Windows,Low-Consumption Central Heating & A/C,Water-Saving Toilets & etc; 'Green Technology',in Today's Parlance. I readily agreed to the upgrades when Bertrand consulted the Codes and determined that the Mehrwertsteuer(Value Added Tax) Rate on this purchase would drop from 19%-to-07.5%. Upon hearing that,"Wait One"?,Fancy Nancy broke her huddle with the girls to bring a Catalog to me and tapped the page of A-Frames,"That should save us enough toss this sweet 'Bunkhouse' into the Deal. We can tuck it into the Corner by the Flagpole". It was another 3-Story Alpine A-Frame,configured for use as a Hunter's Lodge/Summer Camp,bunking up to 36 in the two upper Loft's open bay format(24 + 12),it's Ground-floor housing common-use Kitchen,Bath's & etc. Bertrand nodded in agreement with Fancy Nancy's assertion,then proceeded to inform us that that particular Model was not selling as well as had been expected. Fabrik Haus had 2 in-stock,and if we were interested in taking both of them off his hands,he was willing to swing a 'Buy 1 - Get 1 Free' Deal in-order to clear Space in their Warehouse. Nancy's finger tapped another A-Frame Chalet in the Brochure,"Can the one inside our walls be fitted with Mirrored Windows like these"? Bertrand's,"Yes",effectively concluded Negotiations. We were waiting on the girls to finish selecting Styles & Floorplans to total the Bill..... (Currently Listening To : Donnie Iris : King Cool)
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