TRP - Suburban Scheme

...(Fanfare Playz)"CHARGE IT"!.... Monday 0830hours: My second,and final foray into the Kaufhof was prompted by a series of Brochure's Fancy Nancy found depicting styles of Modular Housing available through their 'Catalog Sales' Department. Our plans for expanding the Darstadt Reservation had stalled when Momma Dunn opted to Retire at Garmisch. Many of the Black Sheep were approaching the end of their Tours. Some of their Replacements had been arranged in-advance,but we couldn't hand-pick the entire Outfit. The environment on Giebelstadt Airbase was still little short of a Human Zoo where Segregated Females of all Ranks bunked in 2 Barracks within an extension of the Ghetto's original Barbed-Wire enclosure to escape the attentions of the Air Defense Battery's Grunts,and a Signal Corps Patch on a guy's shoulder was seen by those same Animals as provocation to start a fight..No place to live if you value peace-of-mind. //  Bertrand,the 'Fabrik Haus' Sales Rep,sat up and paid rapt attention to the rough sketch of our Proposed Community I'd unfolded on his desk. With visions of Commissions dancing merrily in his head,he hung up the phone after checking the legitimacy & limits of my American Express Card and began the Bartering Session by offering a 25% Discount on the Suggested Retail Price and Erection Costs if we agreed to purchase a variety of their Styles & Floor-Plans and allow Fabrik Haus to Document the Project's Construction from start-to-finish for Advertising purposes. A 27foot x 36foot 900square-foot 2BR,1&1/2BA 'Lincoln Log' Cabin complete with Green Roof & Fireplace MSRP'd at 10,000dm{= approx $2,900}. Our Plan called for Six of those Cabins and Six 1BR,1BA 600sq-ft. Cottages to encircle a 3-story 'Chalet' A-Frame on the grounds between the Compound's Gate & the Quarry. The idea of Variety suited us well; The Discounts Bertrand was offering were immediately translated into additional Bedrooms VIA the substitution of a pair of 3BR,2&1/2BA 1,700sq-ft.Houses for 2 Cottages. My only stipulation to the girls concerning 'Style' was to insist on steeply-pitched roofs to shed Snow during Harsh Winters. While they were studying the Catalogs,I enlisted Bertrand's help in obtaining the Permits required to run additional Electric,Phone,Sewage and Water Lines to the Reservation. Upon hearing that request he tossed the Permitting Processes into the Deal for free,along with the Costs of Surveying & Mapping-out the Construction Site..Bertrand was Fully committed to creating the Happiest Customers he could for the Company's Cameras by seeing to it our Suburban Scheme came together without a hitch..... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Animals)      
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