TRP - "Sh-sh-sh-should'a"

..."Future Tense - Another world apart. Future Tense - More than a feeling in your heart. Oh,Yeah! (Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!) Oh,Yeah! (Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!)"....  The girls were picking up a nice variety of Costume Clothing & Accessories. Our current favorite was the form-fitting Sports Shorts the girls had immediately dubbed,`Gymnasty's`..Gone semi-sheer with shimmering Cobwebbed highlights when put to the Stretch. Many colors in many sizes insured every skin-tone & build could be accommodated,and as I was soon to learn,that was meant to include Me. Absinthe & Pete's Cactus Juice had conspired with the Humpahos to trap the Land-Shark(Charcharhinus Woofus) in a Tank of Horny Nymphs. The superior snug fit of the Gymnasty's on the girls & I,in-turn,conspired to awaken the Cameltoe Kraken(Partendebeaver Draconis). Chortling,"Lesbian Loophole"!,I boosted Vestal Virginia's butt to the tabletop and playfully pushed the Yellow-clad boney into her Baby-Blue crease for a frisky dry-hump as she sprouted a cheeky,lop-sided grin; "Has anybody asked you to the Prom,yet"? Carping,"Damn"!,'Thwack'!,Lori slapped the Bar,"I should'a thought of that"! "Sh-sh-sh-should'a",Virginia stammered as she reeled me in for a quick tongue lashing,wrapped her legs around my waist and panted on her forceful lunges against me,"He..Gets..MY..Cherry..First..NYAH"! Lori skipped over and impishly began tickling Virginia's feet,"Silly Dyke. Dicks are for Real Chicks"! Thrashing about,"Ah-OO-Wah Stop It!..Oh God ya gotta stop!..Gotta pee,I gotta-Gotta-GOTTA PEEEEEEEEEEE"!,Virginia kicked free and made a mad dash down the aisle for the Bathroom while Lori took her place sporting a satisfied smirk; "A double 'Virgin Sacrifice' deserves a Suite at the Ritz-Carlton". "The Penthouse Suite",I corrected as we swept into a lusty glide,"Feel free to let the Peasants know they won't be flinging any used rubbers onto Your balcony". Lori intoned seductively,"Nope..Not gonna bring it up,at-all. I want to see the looks on their faces when the Bell-Hop leads us to the Penthouse's Private Elevator"..... (Currently Watching On DVD : Super Troopers)     
Topics: Incredastory, Mature